In the field of information technology, CTO is a senior management position, appearing in many science and technology enterprises. CTO is considered the peak of the career that any developer wants to reach. So what is a CTO? What qualities are required to become a CTO? Let’s find out with MarketingAi through the article below!

What is CTO?

History of the CTO . position

Duties and responsibilities of a CTO

With the responsibility of a Chief Technology Officer, the CTO will have to make decisions related to core technology and technology development direction for the company. Therefore, to be a good leader, you need to know your responsibilities. Research and development are considered as two essential factors in the enterprise. Along with the development of information technology, these two tasks are always closely linked. As a result, the role of the CTO is increasingly important, especially for companies that focus on technology, science and electronics. The key position of CTO is often “chosen to send gold” for those with information technology experience to be responsible for overseeing technology and intellectual property.

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The CTO’s responsibilities and roles also depend on the company. There are typically four different types of CTOs, whose primary responsibilities can vary:

CTO in charge of infrastructure

In charge of overseeing the company’s data, security, and network maintenance, and possibly setting the company’s technical strategy. The CTO can also manage the company’s technology roadmap.

CTO in charge of engineering

In this position, the CTO will consider the application of technical technology in the company, and at the same time establish a common technology strategy for the whole system. The technical CTO will also look at how to further implement new technologies within the company to ensure success.

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What are the required qualities of a CTO?

CTO must be good at Code

?If you have ambitions to become CTO then coding is an extremely important skill. Most of the CTOs were once a Software Engineer and everyone started from Code and went up. You don’t have to know a lot of code, but do your best to expose yourself to as much code as possible. Because, a good CTO still needs to know the code, to build on that foundation to build new products and access new technology values.

The CTO needs to ensure the right orientation for colleagues and maximize the potential of technology. You also need to understand the product development process to make your leadership decisions. In addition, the CTO is also the person who gives the direction to build the right product and suitable for the platform he has, finds out new technologies to put into application for the company.

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What is the difference between CTO and CIO

What is CTO, difference between CTO and CIO

CIO: Chief Information Office

CTO: Chief Technology Officer

In many companies, there is no difference between a CTO and a CIO. Even these 2 titles are also merged into 1. However, with large companies, specialized in technology and engineering. CTO and CIO are different jobs with separate duties. These two positions do not have the same responsibilities and the positions require different skills. The CIO is typically responsible for the organization’s internal IT operations and is the top manager of the technology infrastructure. So what is the difference between CTO and CIO?

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A CTO will be concerned and run primarily with technology and engineering issues, including:

Identify new technology to be applied in the future, thereby making analysis and deciding to choose background technology for future application. Planning to deploy new technology application. Minimizing problems related to network technology. Simulate situations and solutions for the “climax” time (when all customers use the service at the same time). Ensure the quality of the service increases. For example, the CTO of the mobile communication industry would be interested in Voicemail (voicemail), SMS (messaging), Prepay (prepaid), while the CTO of the bank would be interested in E-Banking, SMS Banking or E-Wallet …

If CTOs clearly define their jobs associated with technology and engineering, CIOs associate their work with systems of a more general nature.

CTO is in charge of project planning, research and development, and updating new technologies. CIO helps businesses re-establish business processes, apply technology management techniques to rebuild the system.

The CIO in the enterprise will spend most of the work on designing information systems, developing applications, building company-wide data warehouses, implementing and maintaining application systems (such as ERP, CRM, SCM…)


Above are the basic things to know about what is a CTO? The important role of a CTO in the business.

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With the current development momentum of science, technology and engineering, job opportunities for CTOs are huge with a commensurate income. Becoming a CTO is something that anyone working in the information technology field aspires to. Hy Hope this article will give you hope and motivation to pursue your dream of becoming a good CTO in the future.

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