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What is calcium? Role of Calcium and Why do we need Calcium?

Calcium (Calcium)

Clacium, also known as calcium, is one of the important and necessary components for the animal body as well as the human body. This can be said to be a component of the body’s skeleton, which includes bones, teeth, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, etc. Therefore, calcium is very important for animals and humans.

Studies have shown that up to 99% of a normal person’s calcium is stored in bones and teeth. The remaining 1% is found in blood vessels, muscles, tissues and other organs.

Many studies have also shown that a lack of calcium in our body will lead to osteoporosis. So what causes osteoporosis? That is when you lack calcium, at this time the body will begin to take away the amount of calcium in the bones and teeth to maintain the activities of the organs in the body. This is normal if the calcium taken away is then replenished by other additional sources. And that doesn’t always mean that people know and do it right by eating, drinking, and supplementing with calcium.

Calcium content in some foods

The body can absorb calcium in two main ways. 1 is that you can absorb calcium by eating foods containing calcium or calcium supplements. And the second way, as mentioned above, is to extract calcium from the bones and teeth.

How much Calcium does our body need every day

? Calcium supplementation is essential for the human body to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, to ensure that the body is always in the best condition. Being active causes your body to use up calcium and Vitamin D to help build bone density and strength. However, soon you must be aware of the need to supplement calcium for the body to compensate for the amount of calcium lost. If you make sure to build a healthy bone and joint system, after the age of 30, aging will take place more slowly. But this does not mean that you can stop the aging of the body, “aging” is the “obvious thing” that will come to all mankind.

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Usually, the source of calcium you can get the most from food is milk and dairy products. Some other foods also contain calcium but they are insignificant. If food does not provide or your body absorbs little Calcium, the use of Calcium tablets is the optimal solution for you.

Calcium supplementation is essential for the human body, but with what amount? How much calcium do people need a day? Studies on the body of each age have drawn conclusions about how much calcium our body needs each day. Below are recommendations for calcium and vitamin D intake per day.

Amount of Calcium and Vitamin D supplemented in a day

“Many debates have arisen about how calcium supplements are enough? 700mg/day is sufficient and appropriate for the vast majority of individuals 19 years of age and older.”

Calcium D3?

You must be wondering why you need to supplement with CalciumD3 (Calcium + Vitamin D3)? It’s no coincidence that calcium supplements often come with D3. Vitamin D also plays an important role with bones and joints, they help strengthen bones and teeth, stimulate the body to absorb Calcium.

Who needs calcium supplement (Calcium)

Definitely people who are suffering from osteoporosis already. When the amount of Calcium in the body is not enough, this will cause the body to remove the amount of Calcium contained in the bones and teeth, making them weaker and more brittle. In addition, according to some statistics, women are at risk of disease. osteoporosis is higher than in men. Therefore, women should pay attention and supplement the amount of calcium needed for the body, especially after reaching menopause. Those who have poor absorption of calcium in food. Calcium supplementation is something that you should do. Preventing osteoporosis, bone diseases, slowing down the aging process of bones is also a good thing to do. So if you want your bones and teeth to be strong even after your age, supplement with Calicum right now!

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How calcium supplements help prevent osteoporosis

?Calcium supplements or Calicum supplements are all products that help to supplement quickly and easily absorb for the body. with many people. The ingredients in the supplement have been completely decomposed so that the body does not need to be broken down like Calcium in raw foods. Your body will have to work and break them down and absorb them, which will be difficult for people with The body is not good, the ability to resolve and absorb is lower than that of normal people.

For osteoporosis, calcium supplements with Vitamin D (Calcium D3) help prevent osteoporosis and help improve the condition of osteoporosis. Some studies in women show that taking calcium for 30 years after menopause can improve bone strength by 10%.

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Calcium supplementation has an effective effect on supporting treatment and preventing hypocalcemia in the blood. In some cases, doctors may give calcium pills directly into a vein to treat low blood calcium levels.

Reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) because Calcium is closely related to this syndrome if the body is severely deficient in Calcium. Some studies demonstrate that women who consume an average of 1200mg/day of calcium seem to have an approximately 30% lower risk of PMS than women who consume an average of 500mg/day of calcium.

Helps strengthen fetal bones right from the womb, supplementing with the necessary amount of Calcium helps to increase the bone mineral density of the fetus.

The dangers of calcium supplements and things to note

Calcium supplementation is essential and should be done. However, besides that, some dangers may come to you if calcium supplements are not reasonable. Here are some things to keep in mind when using calcium supplements.

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Main interaction

Using Ceftriaxone and Calcium intravenously can lead to life-threatening damage to the lungs and kidneys.

Calicum should not be given intravenously within 48 hours of ceftriaxone injection.

High blood calcium

Adding too much calcium leads to high levels of calcium in the blood. This will lead to symptoms of damage such as stomach pain, nausea, irritability and possibly depression. In addition, some people may experience other effects such as dehydration.

Can cause cancer

High levels of Caclium in the body can lead to prostate cancer, although this research also contradicts the effects of calcium use. Adequate calcium intake helps prevent cancer, but if it is too high, it can also increase the risk of cancer. This can be called a double-edged sword, so use and supplement Calcium appropriately.

Having heart disease

Perhaps what most experts argue about calcium supplements is that they can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke. This is also quite a contradiction to the use of calcium supplements. There are also studies that show that taking Calcium D3 can reduce the risk and neutralize the potential risk of cardiovascular disease. But this is also not certain and needs to be studied. more.

Risk of kidney stones

Excessive calcium intake also increases the risk of kidney stones.

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It is because of the above risks that you need to pay attention and supplement Calcium appropriately. Please consider the amount of Calcium in daily food and the amount of Calcium that you add from other sources, they do not exceed the allowed level. Calcium supplementation is something you should do if you want to build a solid frame from now until later.