If you are still a student or have worked, you must have heard the term Bachelor in everyday life. So what exactly is a Bachelor that receives so much attention, how are they different from other degrees on the market today? To answer these questions, the following article has provided useful summary information to help you realize the importance of a Bachelor’s degree.

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What is a Bachelor?

Bachelor is actually the name of a title for each student who wants to graduate. An English phrase translated into Vietnamese means a bachelor’s degree, which most students strive to achieve during their studies. Usually Bachelor does not stand alone but often goes together with many phrases such as bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, bachelor’s degree in economics, bachelor’s degree in law, etc. or Bachelor’s degree.

Distinguish types of Bachelor

Type of Degree English Name and Abbreviations Features The Bachelor of Arts / Artium Baccalaureus – BA/ AB + BA is a graduate degree awarded to students pursuing majors in the social sciences. + In which the social sciences are included: Psychology, literature, art, humanities, archaeology, history, ethnology, anthropology, foreign languages ​​and communication,… + BA is not universal. changed a lot in the world because of the people’s emotional and psychological composition. + In the UK, there are only 2 famous universities, Oxford and Cambridge, which offer BA degrees for generations of academic students. + In the US, Bachelor is quite popular at art schools. Especially at Harvard University in the US, not only offers a BA degree, but also a BLA – an extended bachelor of arts degree, students can study more to improve their knowledge. Bachelor of Science/Scientieae Baccalaureus – BS/BSc, SB, ScB + Bachelor of Science is a degree awarded exclusively to students pursuing applied sciences, with a focus on research, analysis, and analysis. analysis such as: mechanical, electrical, medical, engineering,… + Students majoring in applied sciences are awarded BAAS (Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences) degrees at universities such as Cambridge or Oxford in the UK. . + When it comes to the US, there are three leading institutes in the technology industry to mention: California Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in addition to 6 important institutes: Maritime Academy, Hau military, air force, navy, shipping and coast guard are all awarded BS certificates for almost all disciplines. + However, the BS degree is not emphasized at Harvard University, it is seen as a supplement after students have graduated with a BA degree previously. Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA + Students with majors in business training, or similar will be awarded a BBA after completing the training + Some majors will be awarded a bachelor’s degree Business administration personnel: finance, accounting, human resources, information systems management, strategic management, real estate, business administration science, scientific management and administration. Bachelor of Business Science – BusSc This is the same degree as the BCom we mentioned. However, BusSc has many distinctive features because it is more specialized in the field of business science. For first-year students, they must undergo a full-time math course. Bachelor of Accountancy – B.Acy/ B.Acc/ B.Accty There are quite a few acronyms for this bachelor’s degree. Accounting graduates need a degree as proof of their future legitimacy to practice. However, unlike BBA or BComm, a bachelor’s degree in accounting is completely focused on teaching and training only one subject, accounting, without any involvement with other subjects. See more: Tai Gem Club Danh Bai Doi Thuong, Download Apk Gem Game Deluxe 1 Bachelor of Economics Bachelor of Economics – BA Econ/ BEC/ BEconSc/ BSc (Econ) Compared to BBA or BComm program, Bachelor of Economics is again More diverse, learners will often focus on mathematical theory. Students from economics majors, after 4 to 6 years of training, will be awarded a bachelor’s degree in economics. Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management – BAOM For the training program in Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, students will have in-depth study in such areas as: human resource decisions and management. , ethics, research in information and communication, group of behaviors,… Bachelor’s degree in computer science and information systems + Bachelor of computing – Bcomp (bachelor’s degree in math) + Bachelor of computer Science – BcompSc (bachelor’s degree). Bachelor of Computer Science) + Bachelor of Information Technology + Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – BSc IT + Bachelor of Applied Science (Information Technology) – BAppSc (IT) (Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology) + Bachelor of Computer Applications – BCA (Bachelor of Applied Mathematics) + As the name suggests, students studying this major will be training in programming, formatting, networking, database design,… + In which, it is divided into 2 majors that are fully trained in theory: Bachelor of Mathematics (Bachelor of Computing, BComp) and bachelor of computer science (Bachelor of Computer Science, BCompSc). Engineering degree Baccalaureus in Arte Ingeniaria + Students majoring in engineering after completing a training program of 3 to 4 years will be awarded an engineering degree. There are many different types of engineering degrees such as: BE, BSE, BESc, BSEng, Beng, BASc, BTech, BSc (Eng), Amie, GradIETE. + Among them, BSEE is an acronym for electrical engineering engineering degree, while BSE and BSEng are software engineering degrees, honored to be issued and issued from two prestigious universities, Waterloo and Victoria. in U.S.A. + Among them Baccalaureus in Arte Ingeniaria is a certificate issued by the University of Dublin itself to students. + In some countries like India, they often grant students an AMIE degree with the name of the major written directly in brackets. For example, it can be seen that the BE (Computer) degree is a degree awarded to students majoring in computers, electricity, construction, chemicals, etc. + The BSET degree is a bachelor of science degree in engineering. technology, for students who have fully completed the 4-year training process in general knowledge of mechanics, electronics, and electrical engineering. 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How to consider Bachelor subjects

There are many people who get confused between Bachelor training program compared to other training programs because the influence of each teaching and educational regulation in each country is different. Some understand that Bachelor is a degree that every student can easily obtain after meeting all the necessary criteria after studying for 4 or 5 years at universities. Others believe that this training program only takes about 3 to 4 years to complete.