What is MT channel? (or what is Modern Trade?) also known as a modern sales distribution channel, is a channel that operates with a streamlined sales system to minimize the cost of the goods distribution system that GT channel is operating. motion.

The MT channel or Modern Trade is the channel that we often call the supermarket channel, because the target audience of the MT channel is the brand or large-scale supermarkets, and for the GT channel, it is the models. Grocery store, mini supermarket, traditional business.

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In the market, besides the popular goods supply channel, which is the MT channel and the GT channel, in recent years, according to the shift of consumption as well as business, there are many other goods supply channels.

This is also a fairly popular wholesale channel in the market, focusing on providing general goods and essential consumer goods, belonging to the group of best-selling groceries at grocery stores and mini supermarkets.

For small-scale grocery stores and mini-marts, this is also an effective supplier of goods, because there is no need to import goods with large orders, but the store can still have a better price policy. compared to importing goods from MT and GT channels.

Of course, in addition, the policy related to support from market sales and manufacturers will no longer exist, because the store is not importing goods from the company’s genuine distribution channel even though they are goods from the same source. put out on the market.

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The import trade channel is an emerging goods supply channel a few years ago, that is, in addition to the MT and GT channels, but will certainly grow in the future, the distribution and supply of consumer goods. .

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Because the way this channel works is very intelligent, it reduces the cost of raising the system (like GT channel) and limits the difficulty related to debt like MT channel.

Because of the development of this import trading channel, the cost of imported products to agents, stores as well as consumers has decreased significantly, making a significant contribution to the market. The import market is growing in Vietnam. Summary: Above, ISaac shared its knowledge about mt and gt channels, helping readers understand the concepts of GT channels. What is MT channel? What is modern trade channel?

Expert: Nguyen Van Thinh

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