During the process of making and trading feng shui stones, I noticed that more than 90% of customers who contact consultants to buy feng shui stone rings, feng shui stone items to suit their age are confused between Menh Cung Sinh and Menh Cung Phi, this confusion makes the choice of feng shui stone not bring the desired effect. In this article, Phong Linh Gems will go with you to find out what is Menh Cung Sinh? What is Fate Palace? Why use Menh Cung Phi in choosing the color of feng shui stone and how to calculate the life of the palace according to the year of birth?

What is the Fate of the Phi Phi? What is the Destiny of Birth?


Why Should You Choose Feng Shui Stones According to Destiny:

In the five elements, each destiny has colors that are mutually incompatible with each other, colors can be compatible with this destiny but can also be contrasted with that of the other. Therefore, when choosing a feng shui stone, we need to pay attention to choose a stone with a color that matches our destiny. Choosing a feng shui stone according to age will help you avoid unexpected calamities, help the wearer have a lot of luck in life and career. on the contrary, making you struggling and stuck when problems in life are not resolved.

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First of all, we need to distinguish between Life and Life to avoid misunderstandings between these two.

Distinguishment of Destiny of Life and Destiny of Life:

– Destiny Cung Sinh (Death Horoscope – Life): is a destiny that everyone knows (for example, if you were born in 1990 – 1991, your horoscope is: Lo Bang Tho) … this destiny is used in horoscopes daily, consider divination, consider building a family. The rule that people with the same year of birth in pairs have the same fate, which is understood that whether female or male, if born in the same lunar year, the life will be the same and every 60 years, it will repeat once. (For example, people born in 1926 and 1986 have a life of Lu Trung Hoa).

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– Phi Phi: Based on the concept of Cung Phi Bat Trach in the I Ching, the palace of Phi depends on 3 factors: Destiny, Supply and Direction. The zodiac sign depends not only on the year of birth, but also on the gender. Male and female, although born in the same lunar year, will have different zodiac signs. (for example: Female born in 1990 is par Tho, Cung Can, facing the Northeast. Men born in 1990 are par Thuy, Cung Kham, facing North).

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Determining Destiny To Choose Feng Shui Stone Items:

Using Life to choose a feng shui stone is not wrong, but it is not enough because, as mentioned above, the choice of feng shui stone must be based on the relationships of the five elements, but must reflect the five elements on each person. It is the Palace of Destiny. There are cases where a person’s life and life signs are the same but very rare. In the rest, most of them are different from each other.

Depending on the needs and desires of the current life, we need to choose according to the Destiny or the Life sign, but it is best to choose the right one for both. Some people are lucky that Life and Destiny coincide. (For example: a female born in 1988, Sinh Sinh is Dai Lam Moc, and Cung Menh is the practice of Moc Cung Chan). However, except for such special cases, the vast majority of people have different lives and zodiac signs, and we must have a way to choose the right color. We have the following cases:

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Case 1: Life and Destiny coincide. For example: a person born in 1988 has a Life and a Life Palace, both of which belong to the Wood element. Thus, it is easy to choose: We can choose colors belonging to the Fire element such as: Red, Pink, Purple, Orange or a color belonging to the Wood element such as Green, which will be good for both Life and Destiny.

Case 2: Life and Destiny are mutual. For example: Male born in 1981 has Life as Thach Luu Moc, Cung Menh belongs to Kham Hanh Thuy sign. Thus, the Palace of Life is compatible with Life (Aquatic Wood) This case is also quite favorable. We just need to choose colors belonging to the Water element such as Black, Blue, which are good for both Life and Destiny.

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Case 3: Life and Destiny are in conflict with each other. For example, a female born in 1981 has Life as Thach Luu Moc, Cung Menh belongs to Canh Tho, (Moc carving Tho). In this case, it is necessary to prioritize the use of Parcel Cung Phi to choose a suitable stone color.

How to Calculate Your Life by Year of Birth:

Unlike the Sinh Menh calculation, where both men and women share the same Destiny, each person’s Cung Mang calculation has differences according to gender. The steps to calculate the zodiac sign are as follows:

Step 1: determine the lunar year of birth Step 2: add all the numbers in that year of birth and divide by 9, and take the balance in the table below to know what zodiac sign you are. If it is divisible by 9, then it is always 9. In case of adding the year of birth but not enough 9, take that number.

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