In the past few days, the whole country has recorded many positive cases of Sars CoV 2 (Covid-19). So, how to identify people related to these patients?

How to determine f1 f2 f3 f4 in the prevention of covid 19

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, with the group isolated at home and accommodation, it is necessary to pay attention to strictly observe the isolation according to regulations, it is best to isolate in a separate room. In case the family, the place of residence does not have a separate room, the bed of the sick person is isolated, so it should be at least 2m away from the bed of other family members. The isolation room should ensure ventilation, regularly clean, limit furniture and items in the room.

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Regularly measure temperature at least 2 times (morning, afternoon) a day; Record general health status on daily health monitoring sheet.

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According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, when people have symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing; If you have close contact with a case of Covid-19 or must be isolated for monitoring, go to the nearest district hospital for timely examination and treatment.

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Before going to the doctor, people should call to notify the disease symptoms and contact history, travel to the medical facility for appropriate instructions. People can call the hotline 19009095 or 19003228, or visit the website, or download the application “Vietnam Health” on mobile devices, to be provided with information, phone number of the nearest medical examination, and at the same time interact and monitor health. In Hanoi, people can contact

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Students and staff of Hanoi Medical College are always ready and fully comply with the regulations of the government and the Ministry of Health, for a healthy and healthy community.