Nowadays, Information Technology (Software Application) is one of the industries that are extremely popular with young people. The products of software engineering are highly applicable that any industry or field needs. So, What is Information Technology (Software Application)? Is Information Technology (Software Application) difficult to learn? What to study Information Technology (Software Application) for? In the following article, we will help you learn about Information Technology (Software Applications).

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What is a major in Software Engineering? (Or what is software information technology?)

Learn quickly what is software engineering? What is a major in software engineering (What is Software Information Technology)? Information Technology (Software Applications) is also known as software engineering. Information technology (Software application) is the discipline in technology that is closely related to every aspect of the software production process. Information Technology (Software Applications) is the application of a systematic, quantitative and technical approach to the development, use, and maintenance of system software. software) is considered part of the system engineering process. Information Technology (Software Applications) is concerned with the development of applications, software infrastructure, databases, and system control. Software engineers must not only adhere to an organized and systematic methodology in their work, but also use techniques and tools appropriate to the problems and available resources. Information Technology (Software Applications) has a difference from computer science. Computer science only deals with theory and basics. In contrast, software engineering focuses on construction activities to create useful software for people. The strong development of software engineering has surpassed the theories of computer science. Computer science plays a small role in helping to perfect software engineering.

After learning what software engineering is, you have a basic understanding of the discipline, right! However, to have an accurate view of this industry, you need to find out what the curriculum includes. This is the detailed picture behind the big picture.

Should I study software application

?Today, when society develops and the era of Information Technology takes the throne, careers in this field become hotter than ever. In information technology, there are many different areas such as computer science, computer engineering, software engineering/software applications, information systems, communications and computer networks, information security, …

Should you study software applications?

Job opportunities

Among them, the software application industry is one of the five “hottest” industries of information technology today because of its very high practical application, great market demand and no sign of cooling down. Because most modern life is always dominated by software, typically all software on phones, Microsoft Word, Excel, … to Chrome, Firefox or Facebook web browsers.

If you learn software application, you can become a software designer and developer, software product manager, software supporter… Or game product development – an extremely potential and popular field on the internet. the whole world.

Potential salary

If you are a good programmer, your opportunities to work and advance are not only limited to the country, but also have the opportunity to work and collaborate across the country or in large corporations in information technology. If you have more business talent, you can start a team, work as a freelancer or start a company to create your own career.

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So what is the salary in software application industry? Along with the opportunity to expand is an extremely good salary with a high regime. Salary can start from 8 million – 50 million or more depending on the ability and working experience of each person.

So should you study software applications? Hearing about career opportunities and salary must be extremely interesting to all of you, right! However, opportunities are always parallel with difficulties and challenges. So are you suitable for the software application industry? Are you capable of becoming a professional programmer? This no one can answer you, but you can only find the answer yourself through considering what software engineering you learn and what you will do after graduating from school.

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What does Information Technology (Software Applications) learn?

To perform well in the Information Technology (Software Application) industry, when studying software engineering, students will be equipped with industry knowledge and professional skills, specifically as follows:

Specialized knowledge

Students are equipped with in-depth knowledge in the field of software engineering, including:

Semester I: Basic Knowledge, Administration, Study Skills, Office Computing Basic Programming, English 1 Semester II: Basic Knowledge of Programming Object Oriented Computer Network Basic Database Web, HTML, CSS English 2 Semester III: Specialized Knowledge System Analysis and Design Advanced Database Basic C#/.NET Programming (Basic Java Programming) English 3Learning Term IV: Professional Skills Development Advanced C#/.NET Programming (Advanced Java Programming) Software Engineering Software Project Management English 4 Semester V: Career Skills Development Information Security Software Testing Programming web with PHPEnglish 5Law Physical EducationSemester VI: New Technologies Elective 1: Mobile Device Programming Elective 2: Web Programming with ASP .NET Education QPANPolitics

Advanced skill

In addition, students are also equipped with professional skills, soft skills including:

Professional programming skills, proficient on the basis of popular programming languages. Proficient use of modern technologies and techniques in building reliable, highly optimized software on personal computers, mobile devices and applications of many fields (management , agriculture, economy) Capable of solving problems arising in the process of building, operating as well as maintaining software systems.

Is it difficult to learn Information Technology (Software Applications)?

Explaining the term will probably be quite difficult for those of you who have not studied it. For simplicity, you can imagine that if you study software engineering, you will be the creator of mobile applications, computers or games. For example, from basic office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint to web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Facebook, Google search.

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Each discipline will have different difficulties and for each person, the feeling and experience will be different. Therefore, it is not possible to answer accurately whether this field of study is difficult or easy. Students need to constantly learn and strive to conquer higher goals. To get good academic results and open job opportunities, students need to practice the following factors:

Strong specialized knowledge

Knowledge creates a solid foundation for future continuous development. In particular, software engineering is considered as an industry with a large amount of knowledge. Knowledge will be divided into specialized knowledge and specialized knowledge in each field.

Students will be imparted useful and up-to-date information on programming skills, databases, and data structures to gain solid and in-depth background knowledge. Besides, students will learn about in-depth knowledge in the field of mobile, website, java, etc. This knowledge system will help learners have a view from general to detailed and serve for future work. future.

Good language skills

Foreign languages, especially English, are required to become a good software engineer. Because the software code will be written and presented entirely in English. This is also the barrier and weakness of many learners.

Students can simultaneously hone their foreign language skills through reading books or taking professional courses. Foreign languages ​​are both essential for career development as well as limitless employment opportunities.

Work experience

Software engineering requires learners to constantly apply learned knowledge to real situations. Only then, knowledge will promote its value and abilities will be enhanced. Students can participate in part-time jobs or practice the application in groups to gain more experience. Success can only come from actually working.

What does the Information Technology (Software Application) major do?

In the era of strong development of information technology, those who study Information Technology (Software Applications) have many opportunities in finding suitable jobs. On the other hand, studying Information Technology (Software Application) well helps you to have a high income and quickly succeed in your career. Here are some careers chosen by many software engineering graduates today, specifically:


Programming is one of the most popular software engineering professions today. For this profession, you can choose from many different languages ​​such as: Java, .Net, Swift, Kolin, NodeJS… In addition, you can also try your hand at positions such as: data engineering, backend, frond- end,… In our country, programmers often develop into managers after the age of 30. Being a programmer requires problem solving and abstraction skills.

Software Design

Usually, this job is concurrently held by the CTO or Tech Lead. For the design requires a deep understanding of programming, server, database, product development. In addition, must be able to solve short and long-term problems, have a good imagination in envisioning the problems that will be encountered. Software design requires both being an architect and understanding software development.

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UX designer

This position is also quite popular with young people Preferred software engineering. UX designers can understand what users use. The position requires describing the software after creation, which components will be involved, how to access the product. In addition, it is necessary to describe the interface, screen flow… UX Design always requires meticulous attention to detail and rich imagination.

Business Analysis

These are the people who have a neutral position that bridges the non-technical positions such as sales, marketing, ceo… and the above technical positions. The position requires being bilingual, technical and non-technical. The requirement of this position is to describe teams in technical language and sometimes need to think of a direction for the project. The required skill is the skill of analyzing and assessing the needs of the stakeholders.

Project management

This position has the nature of managing, arranging personnel and taking responsibility for the orientation of the team. The position requires understanding the weaknesses and strengths of the personnel to make a reasonable arrangement. Through the members, they make wishes come true. Project management is similar to being a boss or a team captain. Management requires the ability to communicate, plan.


This is a position that requires developing the right development on the management’s request. Testers/QA are usually Executives, who can check the product directly to make sure the product is produced properly and properly. Meanwhile, QC is the person who controls the process, ensures the process is done correctly, indirectly ensures product quality. QA requires high care and meticulousness.

System management

These are the people who ensure the environment for the development team and are responsible for setting up and operating the environment, installing the server, Backup. Non-tech people will take care of installing windows into Restart modem. This job requires decision-making skills and careful, meticulous work.

Data engineer

This is a fairly new job, mainly working with data, divided into three different positions: Data Engineer participates in programming, knows soil analysis, writes software programs to report data. . Data Analysis knows how to use tools to take action for the business position. Data Scientist is an abstract person, someone with a higher level of knowledge about data processing algorithms.

Product Manager

This position is similar to project manager but is more about the position than the product. The position requires diverse experience, must have knowledge of the above sections, especially the experience of: UX Designer, Developer, System Architect… In addition, must have analytical skills, strategic thinking, meticulous. detail.


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