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principle /”prinsəpl/ noun root, origin, basic element the principle of all good principle principle: set to principle structural principle (machine) (chemistry) characteristic structural element

principle of angular momentum: principle of angular momentum: principle of conservation of angular momentum BabinetCaratheodory”s principle: Caratheodory principleCruie principle: CurieEinstein’s principle of equivalence principle: KirchhoffMach’s principle: MachMaupertius principle” principle: Maupertius Pauli exclusion principle: PauliPeltier exclusion principle: PeltierRayleights principle: Raylegh’s principle Ritz combination principle: principle RitzRitz’s combination principle: Ritzangular momentum combination principle principle: principle of added torqueargument principle: principle of argumentargument principle: principle of argumenargument principle: principle of agumenbanach steinhaus”s uniformly bounded principle -block principle: the unifying principle buoyancy principle: Achimedecantor’s principle : principle of causality ”s principle: d principle”Alembertduality principle: duality principleexception principle system: exclusion principle systemexclusion principle: exclusion principlefermat”s principle: Fermatfixed point principle principle: commonguiding principle: guiding principlehamilton principle: hamiltonheat pump principle ideal Carnot principleindeterminacy principle: uncertainty principleinduction principle:inductive principlelinearity principle minimumminimax principle: minimaxminimax principle: minimacminimum-mo . principle dulus principle: minimum-modulus principle: minimum-modulus principle principle: principle of optimization pauli principle: principle of paulipower position principle: principle of superposition power position principle: principle of superposition coprinciple of action and reaction: principle of action and reaction principle of analytic continuation principle of conservation of energy principle of conservation of momentum: principle of conservation of momentum e of conservation of momentum principle of energy conservation: principle of duality principle of energy conservation principle of equivalence: principle of equivalence of mass and energy principle of equivalence of mass and energy approach the principle of inaccessibility: principle of independent action of inertia: principle of independent action principle of inertia of least constraint: principle of least constraint minimum constraintprinciple of least time: principle of least timeprinciple of least work: principle of least workprinciple of least work of linear deformability momentum: principle of momentum principle of moment of momentum: principle of moment of momentum principle of reciprocity: principle of reciprocity principle of reflection: principle of reflection principle of relativity: principle of relativity rinciple of relativization principle of relativization principle of reversibility principle of superimposed stress: principle of superimposed stress of superposition: principle of superposition principle of superposition: principle of superposition of virtual displacement: principle of displacement principle of virtual displacement principle of virtual displacement principle of virtual displacement convergence: principle of convergence for series of numbersradical principle: fundamental principlereciprocity of principle of work: principle of reciprocity : second inductive principleshort-path principle: shortcut principle similarity principle: similarity principle similarity principlesuperposition principle: superposition principlesupplementary energy principle: complementary energy principlesymmetry principle: symmetry principleuncertainty principle: virtual work principle: virtual work principle LIFO principle: LIFObuilding brick principle: modularity )leak detection principle operationprinciple of optimality: principle of optimizationpulse air principle: second induction principle: second inductive principle gas & construction main element Bernoulli principle Bernoulli principleGalileo”s relativity principle Galilei principle of relativityHamilton”s principleHamiltonHuygens principle” principle Huygensaccelerate-decelerate principleacceleration-deceleration principleactive principleacceleration principle:acceleration principleaccelerator principle:acceleration principlecomparative cost principle:comparative cost principlecomparative cost principlecompensation principle : compensating principlecorrespondence principle: reciprocal principle of comparative advantage costs: principle of comparative cost principle of economics principle of motion economy population principle of sales maximization: source sales maximization principletarget return principle: profit principle weak welfare principle: principle of low welfareacceleration principle: principle of accelerationaccrual principle of accounting: principle of accounting when incurredagreement in principle: agreement on principle of location principle: distribution basic accounting principle: basic accounting principlebenefit principle: benefit tax principlebrainstorming principle: freebusiness entity principle principle: business entity principleclub principle: comparative advantage principle: principle of comparative advantageconsistency principle: principle of consistency (in accounting)consistency principle: principle of consistency cost matching income principle principle: monetary principledisclosure principle: public disclosure principledisclosure principle: ng publicity principle: duality principle principle: exception principle , generally generally accepted accounting principle: generally accepted accounting principle: generally accepted accounting principle going concern principle: business continuity principle (in accounting). guiding principle: guiding principle objectivity principle: objectivity principle )polluter pays principle Khaiprinciple of equality and mutual benefit: principle of equality and mutual benefit iple of free competition: principle of free competition principle of free enterprise: principle of free movement of goods principle of national self-determination separable profit principle: profit-first principle: profit-first principlerealization principle: actual sales principlereporting principle: reporting principle mathBasic accounting principlelanguageBasicbanking principleBanking theory o principle Carnot’s principle

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