What is a co-founder?

Co-founder is a concept you will hear a lot in the fields related to startups, startups or even in business and commerce in general.

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Co-founder can be understood as a phrase used to refer to the cooperation / co-founder between two or more people to form a specific organization, company or unit.

If a company or unit has two or more owners, we call those people the Co-founder of that company.

Found (transitive verb): Found, founded, built, laid the foundation Co-found: Co-founded, co-founded, co-founded

Sergey Brin and Larry Page are the two co-founders of the “big man” Google

For example, Sergey Brin and Larry Page are two co-founders of Google, then call them Co-founders of Google.

In fact, the form of co-founding companies and businesses is quite popular nowadays, especially for young businesses and startups. By being run and led by a team of leaders in the form of co-operation, businesses can be invested with a lot of brain, take good care and develop to a larger scale in a short time.

Difference between Founder and Co-founder

Besides Co-founder, you will also hear the concept of Founder, this is a phrase used to refer to single, traditional founders who are business owners, private companies…

Unlike Co-founders, founders are those who directly run and determine the direction of a company’s operations

A founder is a person who has original ideas, scientific knowledge, technical breakthroughs, insight, problem understanding, passion… Then, the This founder usually hires a few cofounders and then becomes part of the founding team to run the day-to-day operations of the company.

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Unlike Co-founders, founders are those who directly run and determine the direction of a company’s operations independently without using other people’s capital or consulting with co-founders such as: Co-founder form.

Co-founder is a very popular form of business cooperation and capital today

This form of starting a business is also applied by many individuals, but they will have to shoulder more and more complicated workload.

In particular, both Founder and Co-founder are often used in the economic field, not in the political field.

Startup experience for Co-founders

For Co-founders, the division of shares, benefits or obligations is an important issue to consider when opening a startup company.

According to the startup experience of many Co-founders, the following numbers are considered reasonable and enough to help a business maintain long-term when starting with many co-founders.

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For a company to work well, you need to become a good group of co-founders with people who have the same ideas and business views as you 10% of the shares is the smallest amount that co-founders deserve4 the largest number for the number of coFounders of a start-up company. If a company has 6 or more co-founders, you should review the roles of each person and reduce this number. Each coFounder should be authorized for at least 4 years. This will help solve a lot of problems if there is a conflict between the coFounders in the future. The founding team consists of the founder and a few co-founders have additional necessary skills, support for the coFounder. founder. This is the ideal group to build a well-functioning company. It is advisable to find co-founders with the same ideas and business views so as not to encounter controversy and unnecessary risks during operation and work.

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