Today, we will learn the meaning of the word alternative, its pronunciation, origin and usage. We invite you to study together.

Alternative /ɔːlˈtɜːnətɪv/

Word category: Noun

Word popularity rank: 2054

I/ Simple definition

US: a choice or option (L alternus, interchangeable)

VIET: an option or alternative (L alternus, interchangeable)

II/ Example

Lord Cardigan’s order apparently gave the Light Brigade no alternative to charging the Russian lines at Balaclava.

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Sir Cardigan’s orders clearly left the Light Brigade with no choice but to attack the Russians at Balaclava.

2. Desmond had tree alternatives: He could go to college, enter the NBA draft system or choose a business career.

Desmond has three options: Go to college, join the NBA’s admissions system, or choose a career in business.

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III/ Extra attention

This word should be distinguished from alternate, which means by turns or one after the other. Traffic reports give “alternate” routes when they should be giving alternative routes.

This word must be distinguished from the word alternate, which means “alternate.” Traffic reports often write “alternate routes” instead of having to write “alternative routes”.

The plural alternatives reminds me of the story about the devoted son who came to his mother’s home to thank her for the two neckties she had given him for his birthday. When he entered the house, he saw her face fall. “Hi, mom. Something wrong?” he asked. She answered with another question: “What’s the matter? You didn’t like the other tie?”

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The plural form of alternatives reminds me of a story about a filial son who went to his mother’s house to thank his mother for giving him two ties on his birthday. When he entered the house, he saw his mother’s face fell. “Hi Mom. Is something wrong, Mom?” he asked. The mother responded with a question: “What’s wrong, son? Don’t you like that tie?” (I mean, the mother only gave one, and the other one has not been paid for by the child.)

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IV/ Pronunciation in videos


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