You may be wondering, what is the word “line” mentioned in the names of ATL and BTL? It is like a line connecting the brand’s message to consumers. To pass this message there will be 2 large arrays, split above (above) and below (below) that join: What is ATL? ATL (Above The Line) – PULL MARKETING: are activities to promote and build a brand image with sustainable and long-term purposes through mass media such as TV. , Print & Outdoor Ads, Radio. These activities will usually be undertaken by the Brand team. What is BTL? BTL (below the line), also known as PUSH MARKETING or BRAND ACTIVATION, are activities aimed at developing the distribution market, promoting retail and consumption for short-term purposes and creating direct effects, such as: is distribution of samples, direct marketing, event organization, promotion for consumers, promotion for dealer system and retail system. The main activities are Trade & Consumer Promotion, Merchandising. More details will be POP (Point Of Purchasing), Direct marketing & Activations (direct marketing activities, direct impact to consumers at home, at retailers or Camps in public places), Promotion Campaign & Sampling (kinds of promotions and product trials). These activities are usually undertaken by Trade Marketing Team.Difference between ATL and BTL

What is ATL and BTL? Distinguish the difference between ATL and BTL

Audience ATL: Towards the overall target customer group. ATL media channels can reach a large number of target consumers at the same time (for example, a television advertisement spot can be viewed by millions of people at the same time). BTL: Targeting a group of consumers targeted at a narrower scope than the target consumer group as a whole (for example interacting with a group of young music lovers, or hip-hop music lovers being a smaller target consumer group than the overall youth group) Generally speaking). Purpose ATL: Building a system of identity and brand promotion through creating emotional values ​​about the theme and personality of the brand.BTL: Creating customer loyalty, by creating feelings inspiration and confidence for consumers, motivating them to learn and use the product.

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Interactive ATL: Very low, brand information is only one-way (from business to consumer). BTL: Fairly high, multi-dimensional information connects and creates interaction between marketers and customers personal goods. Measurement of ATL results: Through communication channels such as television, newspapers, radio, magazines… it is possible to measure the effectiveness of advertising relatively accurately. However, some other forms of communication are difficult to determine such as outdoor advertising, OOH…BTL: The measurement is quite complete and accurate. For example, the number of samples distributed, the sponsor program or an event, how many people attended, love and hate for that activity? ActivityATL: Sticking with the mediaBTL: Less use of the mediaAs analyzed, BTL and ATL have many different points, none of the activities is the best because they always complement and support for Up until now, Vietnamese businesses have been spending a lot of their budget on ATL activities, about 70% of the total cost of marketing activities on average. Therefore, BTL activities are currently still in the secondary rank. But the trend of upcoming marketing activities is to not create clear “lines” anymore. If ATL is a promise to customers, then BTL is part of the strategy to fulfill that promise. . If ATL only helps consumers see, see and hear about the product, BTL goes further by marketing activities to experience the product such as: tasting, smelling, trying… The combination of ATL and BTL will help a The marketing campaign is redrawn as a whole, diverse and colorful. Indeed, ATL and BTL aim to create a synergy between these two activities. After all, what marketers need is a strong brand in the minds of consumers and that brand must live well in the market. In addition, the term TTL is now available, and its uses are analyzed as follows:

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What is ATL and BTL? Distinguish the difference between ATL and BTL

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