What is Clinic Spa? What elements does a true Clinic include? What are the basic conditions to open a Clinic Spa? All questions related to this type will be answered by riclix.com through the following article. Stay tuned to learn more about this new spa model.

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What is Clinic Spa? What is the difference between Clinic Spa and other models?

What is Clinic Spa?

What is a spa clinic?

What is Clinic Spa? This is probably the most interested question today, because this is a spa model in the world that is still quite new to spa services in Vietnam.

Clinic Spa is a spa model specializing in providing and performing high-tech aesthetic services, applying modern technology to help overcome appearance defects for all customers of different ages. .

How is Clinic Spa different from other models

?Features Clinic Spa Nature of work Focusing on high-tech aesthetic services such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, cosmetology forehead, chin, whole face… Using the most advanced modern machines and technology Professional team Checked and consulted by senior experts. Are doctors with practicing certificates, having professional qualifications. good subjects, high skills, .. to ensure safety. Treatment regimens, prescriptions, anti-shock … must have the consent and follow the instructions and instructions of the doctor. Space design Equipped with modern clinic, surgery, and post-operative room, ensuring aseptic factor verified by the Ministry of Health to meet safety standards.

Conditions to build a complete Clinic Spa

Clinic Spa

About finance (capital)

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To open any type of business, the first condition is investment capital. The cost of opening a Spa Clinic will be more expensive than other models because it has to invest a lot in machinery, equipment and specialized staff.

Therefore, you must plan carefully, prepare capital and reserve money to pay if there are unexpected costs incurred during the construction of the spa.

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Business location

This is an extremely important factor that anyone who intends to do business should not ignore. Let’s go to the actual survey in many places, consult with many others to make the best choice.

To open a Spa Clinic, you need to choose a space with a large area to facilitate the design and setup of Spa space. In addition, you should also note that the spa location must have convenient traffic, be located in the city center or have many passersby.

Human Resources

To put Clinic Spa into operation smoothly and attract customers requires a diverse and highly qualified staff from doctors, nurses, and technical staff. That’s why you have to spend a lot of time and effort to recruit. This is an important factor determining the success of a spa.

The staff are doctors with practice certificates

Design and construction of space

Finding a construction design unit for the spa space is also something you need to focus on. Because the space is beautiful, luxurious, eye-catching, .. is also a plus point to help the spa attract more customers. Find out and consult with people involved in the field or have many years of experience to receive the best advice.

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Elements to have a complete spa Clinic

A complete spa Clinic is a place where the following basic elements converge:

Factors to have a complete Clinic Spa

The space must have its own clinic, operating room and recovery room and ensure sterility. Quality machinery and equipment, certified for safety by prestigious organizations in the world such as FDA, CE and certification Medical staff, doctors must be well-trained in professional qualifications, have many years of experience and be officially licensed to practice by the Ministry of Health. Cosmetics, therapeutic drugs used at Clinic Spa must have a certificate and circulation permit from the Ministry of Health and related agencies and ensure safety factors without causing side effects.

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riclix.com hopes that through the above article, you have better understand what Clinic Spa is so that you can choose the right and suitable business spa model for yourself.

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