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General horoscopes for life of the Year of the Tiger Male born in 1998, 1938, 2058 and the Year of the Tiger Female born in 1998, 1938, 2058 fully and extremely accurate today. People of the Year of the Tiger, please consult and see your whole life horoscope, from life, love, personality, family, career, money, marriage, children… everything is complete. with the Lunar New Year!

I – Male network – Lunar New Year

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Overview of the Year of the Tiger Male born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

Life of the year of the Tiger Male born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

Life is full of hardships, childhood is not very lucky, the road to fame and career often goes up and down, life does not have lucky numbers, resigned to the opposite of life, never there is concern for integrity. The mind is agitated and there are many things to do to make the mind much sad. Life is full of depression because the circumstances do not allow the development of a professional career. You should be diligent and patient to get the glory later. Life can find a stable career and from the age of 36 onwards, the career will be stable. the opportunity to develop strongly in terms of fame, fortune and career if you live in Hien Hoa, know how to do meritorious deeds, the average life expectancy of the year of the Pig is over 60 years old, and you can live longer according to the predestination of Horoscope, So if you need to have a long life, you should do merit to increase it.

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Love of the Year of the Tiger Male born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

In matters of love, you also change many times. Fate for love often has a lot of suffering. Should be more careful and discerning in this matter. You should not have guilt, or worry too much, because fate, even if you avoid it, can never be. Try to create a favorable situation to create happiness, do not get upset and depressed before a context that has a lot to do with life. Then you should read carefully below, to know where you are in life. Life has many love changes: Here is the number that your life will have to change depending on the month of your birth. If you were born in the following months, your life will have three changes of fate, that is, you are born in the 5th, 7th and 12th lunar months. If you were born in these months, your life will change love twice, that is, you are born in the January, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 lunar months. If you were born in these months, the problem of your love life being faithful and happy is that you were born in the 2nd, 9th and 10th lunar months. However, according to the number of the year of the Tiger, there will be a lot of pain and suffering. about love affairs. The heartache about this issue for the year of the Tiger is not small. So you should remember what month you were born in to know if your life for love will still change.

JIA DAO, CONG DANH of Mau Dan Nam born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

The career of the year of the Tiger does not have many good prospects, however, it does not suffer much tragedy because of its fame, although it does not rise to the top, but it is not too bad, can only be a little proud of life. Regarding the family religion, there are frequent scandals, so it is not very happy, life about family religion is not very lucky, often has guilt. However, life must depend on the family to be able to develop fame. When it goes up, it is high, when it goes down, it is very low, there is no fixed average, so it can be said that fame points to At a normal level. Family scandals, fame does not bring results for life. Life is always connected with the family religion, so you should be careful and wise to let your fame and fortune rise. Otherwise, the road to fame is just a shadow of life. Money will develop at the age of 29 and 30, but only at a temporary stage, not perfect, the business has many results. good, money is in harmony and there are many great benefits, but then in a short time will be dissipated, those who do not have much money, want to have a solidity in this matter, must be right at the age of 34, That means you have to go through the age of 33 to develop in terms of money. A complete and solid career must be in the year when you must be at least 36 years old, but the most stable is at 37 years old. In 29 and 30 years, although there are great benefits in terms of money, there is no basis. And it’s very secure, it takes a long time of thinking and thinking to create a career and money still goes hand in hand with the career, when the money is a lot, the career will go up.

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Ages that are suitable for doing business with the Male Tiger born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

In a life that wants to have a great career, wants to keep your business from failing, you should also choose people to do business with. Business has progressed, developing a new cheerful and enthusiastic person. If you want to create a glorious future, live a luxurious life, business must avoid the age that is incompatible with your age, there must be neutrality and coincidence to be able to thrive. So in doing business When eating, you need to choose for the following ages: Nham Thin, At Mui, Mau Tuat. The three years above are very suitable for the year of the Tiger, able to cooperate, cooperate or on any matter with the character of creating money. Surely cooperating with these ages you will gain many victories and not be afraid of failure.

Choose a husband and wife for the Year of the Tiger Male born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

To build a happy family, you also need to find for yourself the coincidental ages, the ages that can make the family peaceful, warm, happy and joyful, in business and religion are strongly developed. . Only husband and wife can build a long-term career and never have a breakup halfway. In marriage and happiness, you also need to choose the right age for the following: Nham Thin, At Mui, Mat Tuat, Ky Ox. These ages will help you succeed in life. You get married with the year of the Dragon: The Dragon will help you achieve great success in your career, money will be abundant, and you will have enough money to raise children. Marrying the Year of the Goat: The Year of the Goat and the Canh Dan are very compatible in terms of temperament, doing business quickly and prospering, not helping to develop fame, but having a lot of money and children. Marrying the Year of the Ox: The year of the Ox helps you with both family facilities and money development, and has enough boys and girls to support. Marry these ages for good. However, it can also affect the number of lives, so please consider the age of separation or end of life in the sections below. If you have missed or are about to get married with the following ages, you only have an average life. They are average in terms of fame as well as career, these are the ages: Tan Mao, Dinh Dau. This two-year-old has the right number in love matters, but not in matters of wealth and fame. These two years are only good and have great love. These ages are not suitable for Tigers, can get married, but do not give life a perfect life. topics of fortune, love and fame: Those are the ages: Giap Ngo, Ky Hoi, Dinh Hoi, Mau Ty. The above age groups can only get married, but they have to suffer the fate of being poor and needy. They don’t have much luck in business, and they live in constant poverty throughout their lives. There are years when they shouldn’t get married. or thinking about love, because of five conflicts, if it is difficult to become a couple and there are many contradictions, they will have to suffer from the absence of air defense and often give birth to a wife leaving. Those are the years that you are at this age: 21, 27, 33, 39, 45 and 51 years old. The years above you should not count the story of Nhiep Phonh, which is not good for your relationship later. This month, the year of the Tiger, the year of the Tiger, encounters many changes in the love and grace. There are many changes in the love relationship, that is, you are born in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 12th lunar months. If you were born in these months, you will surely have a long life or suffer in terms of your wife and children.

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Years of the Tiger Male Born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

The following are the great taboos, if you get married or cooperate in business, you will encounter a broken burden halfway or create separation, friction, and not convenient for your career training. Those are the ages that are very incompatible with the year of the Tiger as follows: Canh Dan, Quy Ty, Binh Than, Nham Dan. At Ty, Mau Than and Giap Than. The Year of the Tiger is very taboo at the ages above, if you get married, it will be very dangerous to your life and life. When you meet a difficult age, you must pray for a lot, try to cultivate yourself and accumulate virtues. , doing good deeds, praying to God to pray to Buddha and especially having to join the stars every year will be released. Remember, when you meet the age of taboo, the business will not thrive. Worshiping stars only has a character that is not dangerous to life.

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HARDEST YEARS with the year of the Tiger Male born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

The Year of the Tiger meets the most difficult years when you meet the age of 23, 27, 31 and 37 years old. You should be careful in these years. The number of friends in these years will have a lot of bad luck that will not progress normally according to life, but on the contrary will face harsh problems, life is somewhat chaotic and vibrant. You should be careful in all business, you will not have an accident or unusual illness.

CONSOLIDATED EXPORT DATE & TIME for the Year of the Tiger Male born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

The following are the dates and times that you will merge throughout your life. The Year of the Tiger is only suitable for even hours, odd days and even months, any departure in any day, any month, or any hour It is possible to do business with victories as long as it is true to the days, hours and months mentioned above. The above is due to the research of the Western and Eastern epistemologists, which are the mysteries of astrology that Astrologers: Cao Tuyet Long, Artémidore, Nicophare and doctor and occultist Regnault (France) studied by autopsy and mortification like Kyserling in Egypt.

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Year-by-Year progressions of the year of the Tiger Male born in 1998, 1938, 2058:

From 29 to 35 years old: The age of 29 still has many struggles, many worries, life has not been able to do anything, so at the age of 29, there is a lot of sadness. The age of 30 and 31 is a little less miserable, but at the age of 31, there are many sorrows about the family background, but the mind and reputation have improved a bit. From 31 to 33 years old is not completely peaceful, will have to be in the most miserable, saddest situation that may not bring many lucky things to life. From 34 to 35 years old, the number is high, these two years you have a prosperous business, you have plenty of money, your job can be advanced. From 36 to 40 years old: Age 36 has a lot of luck, but there are times. There will be a lot of grief, but in general, they will be in a state of strong development both financially and emotionally. At the age of 37 and 38, the career is quite stable, there will be more luck. Moreover, in business, the family is happy and peaceful without much disturbance. Years 39 and 40 hope to be completely successful in family religion, career and money, can develop many businesses as well as in love. These two years are quite good in life, you can do whatever you want, you can complete your career easily. From 41 to 45 years old: At 41 years old, when there was a severe drought, life had many changes, business. big obstacles, should be careful doing business, or take care of business to succeed. At 42 and 43 years old, the normal situation is not exciting, or failure at all is just average, so be careful in trading or trading. From 44 to 45 years old, be very careful not to get into an accident, these two years will cost you a bit, the family religion is not very beautiful and complete, it is necessary to prevent accidents at the age of 44. In 45, I survived a bit, but not very well.

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From 46 to 50 years old and throughout life: Age 46 is not considered lucky, but this year has fortune, a little bit of fortune, it is better to be careful in trading. The age of 47 and 48 and for the rest of their life, their fame, career, and family religion are only in the normal range. Not going high and not losing much in terms of money. The work is still in harmony, the more you start, the more benefits you will get. Do not waste money in vain, so be careful for your body, children often get sick, move, change business.

II – Female Network – Mau Dan

The Palace of the Citadel of the Earth (earth on the wall) The bones of the cubs and the stars of the dragon, the Buddha, the goddess of the earth

Overview of the year of the Tiger Female born in 1998, 1938, 2058: