If the Front office is considered the face of the brand that directly affects the hotel revenue, the Back office is considered an indispensable “backbone” when constituting the most complete hotel operating apparatus. This is an important and indispensable block in any hotel to bring balance, stability and efficiency. The back office consists of many different parts, each of which performs a separate function. Let’s find out what Back office is as well as the parts in this block.

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What is back office?

Back office is the term talking about the Back office block in today’s 3-5 star hotels. This block usually has no contact with customers and does not directly affect the hotel’s revenue. The hotel organizational structure wants to be complete, it is indispensable for the Back office to support from the back. Each department in the block will create good service quality for the hotel and bring the perfect experience to customers.

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Back office is the lobby block in the hotel with a scale of 3-5 stars (Photo: Internet source)

Parts in Back Office block

1. Accounting

The Accounting Department plays an extremely important role in managing the financial strategy, controlling costs and finding capital for the hotel.

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Specific work is as follows:

Prepare documents, prove the rationality of the use of business capital

Summarize business expenses in accordance with regulations

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Recalculate each service type to determine the business results of each department and the whole hotel

Prepare periodic financial reports

Monthly, quarterly and yearly asset balance

Analyze asset fluctuations, report to the Board of Directors

The Accounting Department manages the financial affairs and capital of the hotel (Photo: Internet source)

2. Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for staffing issues in the hotel. This is an important part contributing to bringing in talent and maintaining a stable human resource. Specific work is as follows:

Develop rules, corporate culture, discipline… and promulgate and apply to all employees

Human resource management at the hotel

Recruiting staff when the hotel needs additional resources

Develop and implement a job evaluation system

Resolve issues related to insurance, policies, and benefits for employees

Calculating salary, bonus, allowance… for hotel staff

The Human Resources Department undertakes the work related to human resources of the hotel (Photo: Internet source)

3. Engineering — Maintenance

Technical Department — Maintenance ensures that the machinery and equipment in the hotel are always in stable condition to minimize repair and replacement problems, thereby helping businesses save costs. . Specific duties of Technical staff — Maintenance include:

Plan to check machinery, equipment and other assets in rooms and areas at the hotel on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Proposing appropriate maintenance plans for each type of machinery and equipment when needed

Record the status of machinery and equipment at the hotel for personnel in other shifts to easily monitor and manage

Maintenance and warranty of machinery and equipment

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Plan to repair damaged equipment as soon as possible

Repair and replace machinery and equipment

Support employees of other departments to check for problems with machinery and equipment to fix problems as soon as possible.

Although the back office is quietly and quietly behind the commercial activities of the hotel, it is the most solid rear. If you are an investor, hotel business, focus on developing your Back office block firmly. This is the foundation for a successful hotel business. Four-way restaurant website Hopefully the article has helped you better understand what a back office is as well as know the work items of each department in the block.