CEO is the chief executive officer (short for Chief Executive Officer), whose task is to outline business strategic plans to develop a strong company. Ensure the achievement of the objectives set by the board of directors.

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Here is the short answer if you google for what is a CEO question. However, if you want a comprehensive answer to the question “What is a CEO” or want to understand more deeply and have an overview of the role, job, and requirements of a CEO, then this article is for you. for you.

I. What is CEO? used to describe this title. So to understand in the simplest way, the CEO is the person holding the highest executive management position in an enterprise. Or to put it in a simile, the CEO is the captain who, with all his mind and strength, leads the business ship through thousands of turbulence in the marketplace to successfully land. The work of the CEO can be directly managed by the Board of Directors, but in some companies, the CEO is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

II. The role of a CEO

Reading through the above definition, you can probably answer the question of what a CEO is, and partly imagine the extremely heavy responsibility of that position. The CEO is the person who outlines the path of the business, is an important key on all activities of the organization. Here are a few key responsibilities that a CEO typically undertakes:

– Formulate a strategy to implement the company’s vision and mission.

– Responsible for planning and specific direction for the company.

– Directing the construction and implementation of business plans approved by the Board of Directors.

– Responsible for the profit and growth of the company. Ensure short-term and long-term goals are achieved.

– Give ideas and suggestions to improve the company’s operations.

– Building, developing, promoting the company’s image and brand.

– Build and nurture company culture.

– Approve financial issues, policies, monitor, control and evaluate, adjust budgets and cost norms. Review revenue/expenditure, prepare periodical estimates.

– Appraisal and approval of investment projects of the company.

– Negotiate and sign commercial contracts on behalf of the company.

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– Organize, operate, check and evaluate the company’s business activities periodically.

– Approve development projects, product diversification; distribute and market products to channels in the market.

– Organize the structure, set up the company’s management apparatus, operate the human resources effectively; set out the tasks and goals of each specific department. Evaluate the operation and effectiveness of the departments.

– Developing HR plans and recruiting. Approving regulations, policies on appointment, dismissal, regulations on salary, bonus and allowance. Browse employee evaluation results and determine reward results.

The above are some of the main roles of a CEO, but in reality, the workload that the CEO has to undertake can be much larger.

– Multi-disciplinary knowledge: This is an essential element, the CEO is the one who has to have an overview and vision for everything. Therefore, it requires them to accumulate a large amount of knowledge, not only in their expertise but also in many other fields.

– Background in management science: considered as the basic foundation to become an excellent executive. Not only have to acquire all the knowledge about management when being trained, but also have to regularly self-study, explore, update, and learn new knowledge in this field to be able to catch up with the trend of governance and run the company in the most effective way.

– Experience and skills: Not only is experience and professional skills, but the operator must be a seasoned person who lives, understands the behavior of people, usually before taking on the role of CEO. Most often in a company, candidates often take the position of COO (what is COO), which helps them have more experience in operating.

Therefore, if you want to become a CEO to be able to organize, run, and manage a large team well, you must collide, experience, and challenge yourself in many different fields, environments, and situations. together.

– Withstand pressure, good health: CEO is someone who has to work under a lot of pressure, because a good health and a steel spirit are two important factors that help them overcome difficulties and challenges. , do their role well.

Innate qualities: To become a successful CEO, a professional and excellent executive, in addition to being trained and studying methodically and oriented, innate qualities are an extremely important condition. important. So not everyone can be a CEO. Qualities often found in a successful CEO are: Indicators intelligence (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), scientific thinking, ability to observe, synthesize, analyze, system, and create. Quick-witted and decisive. Has the powerful aura of a ruler.

Hopefully the above article can provide you with useful information for the question “What is a CEO?” as well as have a more comprehensive and in-depth view of the CEO profession.

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