In a country with a growing need to study abroad like Vietnam, information about international universities and scholarships to study abroad is always of interest to both students and parents, especially the Diploma program with words and phrases. What is related key like Diploma? Is it good to study Diploma? Advantages of the Diploma program… So what is a Diploma and what are the outstanding features? Let’s find out with QTS

1. Diploma in some typical educational institutions

Diploma is a certificate issued after a student completes a course, at universities, colleges or educational institutions around the world. Unlike other study programs, although the Diploma lasts only 1-2 years, students are provided with not only specialized knowledge, but also practice in a specific work environment, practice specialized skills. subject.

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Depending on the education, there will be many different Diploma levels, in terms of classification, time and cost for the same training. Australia is a country with a leading education system in the world, attracting a large number of international students every year, of which Vietnamese students are very numerous, second only to the US. According to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), which is managed by the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, the Diploma consists of 3 levels: Diploma (level 5, 1 – 2 years), Advanced Diploma (level 6, 1 – 2 years). 2 years) and Graduate Diploma (level 8, lasting 6 months to 1 year).

The difference between Diploma and other programs in the Australian education system

Diploma programs are the first choice of students who want to transfer to international study

In Canada, while Diplomas are awarded by colleges of applied and arts, Bachelor Degrees are awarded by universities. In Germany and schools in the countries of the German academic system such as Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, the term “Diploma” refers to a study program lasting for 3.5 years, equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. and Master.

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In India, there are two types of diplomas: diplomas awarded in formal education, awarded by the government, and diplomas awarded by non-governmental organizations, non-formal social organizations.

Diploma in Singapore is a 3-year program at a polytechnic, such as Nanyang Polytechnic, or a 1-year program at private schools, or offered by technical schools. In the US, the term “diploma” is often referred to as documents received at the end of high school, college, graduate school, academic awards or degrees at training courses.

In general, Diplomas in many educational backgrounds are different, learners need to carefully study the educational program of the country they want to study abroad, in addition to learn about the local culture, customs, and way of life, in order to adapt. as well as choosing a profession and education appropriate to their capacity, financial conditions and interests.

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2. Advantages of Diploma program

Diploma is currently the most studied program and tends to increase. The demand for Diploma, especially Diploma in Australia, in countries like Vietnam is increasing day by day. The study program with incentives and support is considered the reason why learners prioritize choice. Some advantages can be mentioned when comparing Diploma with other programs such as:

The course content is practice-oriented and career-specific. Besides theory, students can practice at companies and enterprises, hone their working skills, get acquainted with the working environment. Duration of study: 1 course lasts only 1-2 years, shorter than with a regular study program. Directly transfer to the second year of university, exempted up to 8 subjects. Career opportunities at companies and enterprises: Knowledge and skills, especially the period of time. Practicing directly at companies and businesses helps students be confident in their work, avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

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The QTS Diploma program includes a Diploma of Business (Dipoma of Business) and an Australian Diploma of Leadership and Management (Diploma of Leadership and Management) which is a practical program of study, opportunities to practice in the working environment. , tuition incentives are advantages worth studying. In addition, the certificate after completion of the Diploma course is valid globally and indefinitely.

In Vietnam today, parents are willing to invest large amounts of money so that their children can enjoy a quality education of international standards. For working people, Diploma is also a career opportunity, promotion at work. In the context of globalization, deep integration, obtaining diplomas is not a small advantage.

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International study transfer program QTS Diploma in Business

Through the article, QTS hopes to be able to provide basic knowledge and an overview of the Diploma program. An Australian education with an international standard Diploma program opens up promising career opportunities, both study abroad and career advancement opportunities.