For those who have been, are and intend to operate in the field of Restaurant – Hotel is certainly not too unfamiliar with the term setup. However, not everyone fully understands the meaning and specific process of this work. Therefore, in this article, we will learn together about the issue of “What is Setup?” What does the restaurant setup process include? And how does it affect the business?

The restaurant business is one of the hottest business start-ups right now. However, it is also one of the most challenging to start with. Setting up a restaurant can affect the success or failure of a business, it not only requires dedication but also needs a business person who is able to grasp the smallest details.

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What is Setup?

The meaning of the word setup is understood as layout, arrangement. But in the restaurant industry, it is the work of setting up, guiding and arranging behind the scenes for newly established restaurants or restaurants that want to move their business more smoothly.

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The importance of setting up a restaurant

?For a restaurant to be put into operation and business, the amount of work is not a lot, but a lot, which can be temporarily called “mountain” of work. Because, it is necessary to go through many stages such as: analyzing the market, choosing business premises, menus… If a restaurant does not have a setup stage, it will not find a clear vision as well as a clear vision. do not have specific plans, the work to be done. Besides, if you don’t set up a restaurant, there may be other costs incurred. And will affect the results of the business.

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Detailed restaurant setup process

Step 1: Equip knowledge

To deal with the factors affecting the business, the manager must have full professional knowledge and skills, must be well trained and have many years of working experience. In addition, they need to have creative thinking, skills such as communication, teamwork skills … must be carefully equipped.

Personnel of the Restaurant – Hotel industry need to be fully equipped with professional knowledge and professional skills

Step 2: Identify the target market

Today, the dining needs of customers are increasing, it requires restaurant business people to meet at the best all customer requirements. You should choose and target a specific target audience so that you can easily learn their characteristics and best serve them, which will bring high efficiency to your business. You can segment the market by age, income, interests or specific restaurants such as nutrition restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, etc.

Step 3: Choose a location

The choice of location must depend on the amount of capital you can invest in opening a restaurant and the type of restaurant you choose.

Step 4: Space layout and restaurant interior design

Space and interior design is an important factor contributing to the success of the restaurant. You need to design the processing area, kitchen area, storage area, office area and guest area in a reasonable and convenient way.

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Step 5: Make a menu

When making a menu, you need to keep in mind your target audience to come up with a menu with dishes and reasonable prices.

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Step 6: Recruiting

You need to plan where you will hire employees, such as: Chef, kitchen assistant, receptionist… And then you need to create a job description that lists the responsibilities and duties of each. location.

Step 7: Marketing and promotion strategy

Any company needs a complete marketing plan and the restaurant business is no exception. In the marketing plan you need to pay attention to the message you intend to convey to the customer, it must stand out and be different from the competition.


With the above information, hope that you have understood more about the work and the process of setup and will be helpful to those who are planning to start a restaurant business. If you want to learn more in depth as well as to be trained by leading experts and managers, you can come and attend the Hotel – Restaurant Management course at CET – where is one of the reputable training institution in this profession.

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