When installing solar battery systems, we hear a lot about the terms kWp and kWh. So what is kWp and kWh, what does it mean in a solar battery system?

What Is KwP (Kilowatt Peak) And kWh In Solar Battery System?

KWP stands for Kilowatt Peak which is the peak power of a PV system or panel (Watts Peak). This is the unit used to measure the energy produced. This unit is widely used to measure solar devices. When the solar panels are in operation, there will be more than 1 conversion of sunlight into electricity measured in kWh (kilowatt hours). With a maximum capacity of 3kWp, if operating at full capacity for one hour, it will generate 3kWh. So, kWp is the maximum power that a solar panel can achieve under optimal conditions. And kWh is the solar panel efficiency achieved in 1 hour of electricity production. Or kWh is also known as peak sunlight efficiency in 1 hour.

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Calculation of kWp And kWh In Solar Battery System.

In Vietnam, on average, there are about 4-5 hours of strong sunshine to help maximize the absorption of solar panels. In practice, the number of hours of sunshine can be up to 10 hours, with different refractive strengths. To calculate the generated kWh of electricity of a 1kWp solar panel system, we take 1kWp x (hours of sunshine/day). For example, 1 day has 5 hours of sunshine, so we take 1kWp x 5 = 5kWh. On average, 1kWp generates about 5kWh of electricity/day. One month a 1kWp solar panel system will generate 150 kWh of electricity (150 electricity numbers). Similarly, the 2kWp package generates 300kWh/month, 3kWp generates 450kWh/month, 4kWp generates 600kWh/month, 5kWp generates 750kWh/month.

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However, it also depends on the time, season, and region that will create different power efficiency. Therefore, it will have a significant difference depending on the location and time of each region. In fact, solar cells can only generate electricity about 60% of the capacity recorded on the panels. Only when the sun is strong and has high refractive intensity will it reach its maximum capacity.

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How to Calculate Solar Package Based on kWp and kWh.

The price of electricity for business households fluctuates: 3,000 VND / 1kw of electricity. Household electricity usage price fluctuates: 2,500 VND/1kw of electricity. The price of using electricity for production fluctuates: 1,800 VND / 1kw of electricity.

Assuming your family uses 400kwh/month, the monthly electricity bill will be 400 x 2,500 = VND 1,000,000/month. To know how many kWp packages we need to install, we take 400 : 150 = 2.7kWp. Therefore, you need to install a 3kWp package to get maximum performance savings. In case of excess electricity, you can supply it back to the grid for 2,086 VND/kWh. With this calculation you can also account for larger performance needs.

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Hopefully, the above knowledge and calculations will help you choose for yourself an energy battery pack as well as the capacity that the panels need to operate in your daily life.

Household Grid Solar Battery Packs

Light Solar is currently a leader in the field of clean energy, specializing in the design, construction and installation of solar power systems for households. Bidding for large and small projects, with the most favorable prices with installation packages of 50-100 kwp or more.

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