You need to learn about ROA on the stock market and want to invest in this market. So let’s learn more about ROA.

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What is ROA

?ROA stands for Return on Assets which means return on assets. ROA is an indicator that shows how profitable a company is relative to its assets.

Through the ROA index, we will know the business efficiency of the company in using assets to make a profit.

How to calculate ROA

ROA has the following formula: ROA = Net profit for shareholders divided by total snar assets of the company x100%

What is the meaning of ROA

?Once we understand the concept of ROA and how it is calculated, we will be able to understand the meaning of this indicator in the market. stock market.

After that, investors just need to look at the ROA index to see and know how much money the business earns and how much interest is per dollar of assets.

In addition, ROA also provides information about the profits generated from the investment capital or the number of assets.

It is because of these important meanings that investors call ROA the numbers that will tell them about the business. Thereby, for investors with experience and knowledge, just looking at the ROA index can assess the ability to use assets of a company or business.

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If the ROA is higher, it means that the enterprise’s ability to use assets is efficient and high.

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As for joint stock companies, there will be differences because it depends on each business industry. Therefore, experts in the real estate market recommend that investors only use ROA to compare companies year by year, companies that are similar in size and business lines.

How much ROA is good.

There are two types of indicators that are considered the most important and interested in are ROA and ROE. Compared to ROE, ROA is less of a concern, but it is still considered an important and meaningful indicator for businesses.

According to the general standards of the international stock market, the ROA of an enterprise is considered qualified when it is greater than 7.5%.

Tracking ROA in one year does not show much, but investors should monitor this index for 3 consecutive years, if this index remains stable and does not change, it is a business. Good career, stable finances. At the same time, such businesses are always highly appreciated by investors and professionals.

There is a relationship between ROA index and Roe index and shows the following meanings:

If the ROA of an enterprise or company is equal to the interest rate on borrowed capital, the ROE will be equal to 1 – export tax x ROA. If the ROA of the enterprise or company is higher than the interest rate, the ROE will be more than with 1 – tax rate x ROA. This greater amount will have a larger ratio the higher the debt or equity ratio.

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To become a smart and talented investor and earn a lot of profit from investing in the stock market, you need to master the indexes of businesses and companies to give yourself a good profit. the best judgment and assessment to make an investment decision or not.