5. Pros and cons of IP6 addresses. What types of IP addresses are included? 7. How to find IP address?8. How many versions of IP address?

IP is an indispensable address of every network device. IP plays a particularly important role to help network devices communicate with each other. It is like a home or business address, but the IP is not as fixed as the other two. Understanding IP addresses will help you be more proactive in overcoming network connection problems, connecting and sharing data between computers. Join riclix.com to learn more about this address!

Public IP is used outside the network, it is assigned by ISP

6.4 Static IP

A manually configured address for a device that is different from the one assigned via the DHCP server is called a static IP. Static IP is an IP that does not change the address.

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6.5 Dynamic IP

Dynamic IP is an address that is automatically assigned to each connection or node of the network: desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc. The DHCP server will perform the automatic IP assignment and network connections will be available. change. Dynamic IP has the advantage of being easy to set up, flexible and easy to manage. Besides, the number of devices that can connect to the network is less limited. The device will release the address memory for another device in case it does not need a network connection.

7. How to find the IP address?

7.1 Find private IP address

Way 1

Step 1: Open Start Menu => Control Panel => access the results that appear Step 2: Go to View Network Status and Tasks Step 3: Click on the network you are accessing => select Details Step 4: Ipv4 Address is the internal IP address in network

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Way 2

Step 1: Open Run and enter CMD by pressing Window + RB Step 2: Quickly find IP by typing Ipconfig . command

7.2 Find public IP address

Use sites like ipchicken.com, whatsmyip.org, etc. to find the public IP address on the router. These are websites that work on all network-connected devices that support web browsers (smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.).

8. IP address includes how many versions?

8.1 IPv4 Version

In the development of internet protocols, IPv4 is the fourth version. It is the protocol of the TCP/IP suite and corresponds to the Network layer of the OSI model. IPv4 has a structure of 4 groups of decimal numbers separated by a period. Each group will consist of 8 data bits and is called an oc-tet (set of 8 binary bits). The value per oc-tet is 2^8 = 256 (ranging from 0 to 255).

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8.2 IPv6 version

IETF has developed the latest communication protocol called IPv6. IPv6 was born to solve the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion. This version has received a lot of improvements and is more commonly used than IPv4. This address is 128 bits long and is represented as clusters of hexadecimal numbers, separated by ::. It provides a huge number of addresses for inte– 2128 address operations.

Thus, IP is a unique address that electronic devices use for the purpose of identifying and communicating with each other through internet protocols. Some IP addresses are globally unique, but some are unique within a company or business. IP provides identification for each network device, i.e., each network device will have a different IP address. Once they have identified each other, IP will help them contact and communicate by providing identities.

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