Why is it necessary to have a plan for maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment? Does that help the production process to take place continuously and smoothly?

Building a maintenance system and maintaining production equipment1. What is maintenance and servicing? Equipment maintenance and repair methods 4. Process of maintenance and maintenance of production equipment

Building a maintenance system and maintaining production equipment

Equipment maintenance and servicing is extremely important to the continued operation of production. An effective maintenance plan is often based on the experience, personnel, equipment and maintenance procedures available. To limit machine downtime and incidents, businesses need to have a reasonable and effective maintenance plan.

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1. What is maintenance and servicing? Equipment maintenance and maintenance methods

Maintenance and maintenance is the technical care, adjustment, repair or replacement of some parts of machinery and equipment in order to maintain or restore operating parameters and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. devices.

Equipment maintenance and repair methods:

1.1. Routine maintenance

Based on equipment manufacturer’s specifications and condition of use. Compulsory replacement of machine parts on a fixed schedule. This is the standard maintenance method, applied in factories with maintenance workshops. Using computerized maintenance management systems: Computerized maintenance management systems ( CMMS).

Periodic equipment maintenance as planned

1.2. Repair and maintenance after machine failure

Using the machine until it breaks down, there is only simple maintenance such as checking, changing oil, grease and repairing and refurbishing the machine after failure. Usually applied in small production facilities. This is a maintenance method. costly in the long run.

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Method of maintenance and maintenance of equipment when broken

1.3. Maintenance according to machine status

Permanent or periodic monitoring to determine machine condition. Only plan to stop the machine to handle the tolerance, or replace and repair after correctly diagnose the condition of the machine before it fails. Use CMMS maintenance management software. There are specialized independent companies. about monitoring and anti-vibration treatment. This is the optimal method, usually applied in factories that require high machine safety and 24/24 continuous operation such as chemicals, force, cement.

Maintenance method according to machine condition

2. Purpose of maintenance and servicing

Determine optimum reliability and maintainability.

– Time to check running and optimal warm-up time.

– Acquire data from operation time to failure.

– Time or optimal hedging position of the critical part.

– Optimal warranty period and corresponding cost.

– Optimal spare parts needs.

– Perform analysis of failure patterns, effects, and critical possibilities to determine which parts should be redesigned in focus.

– Study the failure modes to minimize the damage.

– Study the consequences of failures to determine the damage of components.

– Determine the time distribution of equipment failure.

– Determine the distribution of operating-to-failure times to calculate failure rates.

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– Reduce the number of parts in the design of the device.

– Determine the need for redundancy to achieve the desired reliability goal if all other methods fail.

Purpose of maintenance of production equipment

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3. Benefits of maintenance and servicing

Increase the availability of machinery and equipment.

Reduce machine downtime.

Reduce production costs.

Improve productivity.

Increased reliability and maintainability.

Reduce maintenance costs.

Increase safety.

Increase the likelihood of planned maintenance.

Maintain production equipment to ensure continuous production

4. Process of maintenance and maintenance of production equipment

4.1. Building goals and strategies

The goal of maintenance is to keep equipment in good working condition at the lowest cost. Main tasks of maintenance work:

Improve reliability.Optimize costs.Safety and protect the environment.Perform social responsibility.

Develop production equipment maintenance goals and strategies

To achieve that goal, industrial plants must choose the right maintenance solutions, suitable to the business’s production and business conditions. When starting to develop a plan, you should build according to your company’s production goals from which to figure out what the maintenance goals are.

4.2. Choose a maintenance method for each type of equipment

Device classification:

Vital equipment: Condition-based maintenance (monitoring of dynamic loss, temperature, noise or product quality), and periodic maintenance (periodic maintenance, replacement of parts). Important equipment: Apply maintenance according to the condition with signs of damage, then make a repair plan. For damage types that cannot be monitored and monitored, inspection should be carried out when there is a shutdown condition or called opportunistic maintenance. Auxiliary equipment: These devices do not Important for production, you should choose the form of repair, restore or repair. Major repair of the whole factory: It is the time to inspect, maintain and repair the damaged backlog. Normally, according to the law, it is applied to equipment that can only be repaired when the plant is stopped for many days, the equipment has a high risk to the operation of the plant, if there is a fire, it is necessary to make a plan to stop the machine and repair it. timely.

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Select the appropriate maintenance and maintenance method for each device

4.3. Organizational structure

In terms of structure for maintenance activities, it must also ensure good execution, basically there should be:

Planning department: Experienced engineers plan materials, plan periodic maintenance, check equipment, plan for repair of the whole factory. Execution department: Including engineers, direct maintenance workers (mechanical, electrical, automation).

Organizational structure needed for maintenance work of production equipment

5. Maintenance and servicing course

The leading cause of mechanical system failure is due to lack of regular maintenance and maintenance, which reduces service life and performance. Therefore, businesses need to attach importance to the maintenance of production equipment in order to avoid great economic losses, to reduce wasted time and repair costs.

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The course: “Building a maintenance system for production equipment” at PMS aims to provide effective methods in using equipment, human resources, materials and time to ensure the schedule. Maintenance is carried out for the entire plant and does not interfere with the operation of the production lines.