On the Net room market in particular and the current vibrant Esport ecosystem in general, with the help of the engine room construction units based on the i-Cafe model to some extent. helped the investor to have a solid spiritual support but confidently open business capital, creating a favorable environment for players to come to the Game room to relax and entertain. In addition, the Net shop is also a common roof to accompany gamers on a long journey to conquer professional tournaments.

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Going deeper into the current Net rooms, we often encounter a large number of players with all kinds of components, of all ages with different purposes and needs. Gamers “try hard” and “relax” are two typical groups, but how to identify and distinguish the characteristics to support Net room owners to find the optimal solution, bringing satisfaction to the players. 2 groups of customers with high traffic and frequent activities at the shop.

Let’s work with WAYS – a professional Net room installation unit, to find objective answers and solve questions of Game Net investors to orient the appropriate business.

#1. The concept of “try hard” and “relax” gamers

Currently, professional game tournaments are very popular before the storm with titles such as League of Legends, PUBG, etc., which have received a lot of attention from the public – who have loved the series. this somewhat new sport.

RELAX gamers make up the majority of visitors to the Net room compared to TRY HARD gamers

In order to participate and go to a playground with a wide influence both at home and abroad, gamers have been busy “trying hard” to practice skills regardless of day and night, first to express themselves, assert their name and the rest is of course making money from playing the game every day, giving a more positive view to outsiders who used to see this as a time-consuming pastime, and then together with the same purpose to help e-sports in Vietnam reach the same level as the international playground.

In addition, “try hard” gamers are also shown by the fact that players livestream themselves at home to attract viewers with their skills when fighting games with their own unmistakable quality, bringing laughter and satisfaction. certain for the viewer. The livestream profession is booming like a kite in the wind in the current era of strong development of Esports, their income depends on the amount of “donate” money from fans with the desire to listen to more new sharings around the world. around professional tournaments, the life of a gamer or even private life advice, music reactions, etc. It can be said that livestreamers are extremely versatile. Typically, PewPew, ViruSs, Misthy, Mixigaming… are all too familiar names. They have outstanding successes in the streamer world that any gamer who has heard of them will nod in admiration.

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Gamers “relax” can literally mean playing games to relax. They spend their free time going to the Net club to turn on the gaming machine, purely for entertainment, but have no motivation to go further with this sport.

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#2. The relationship between the two types of gamers “try hard” and “relax”

For professional game players, it is normal to eat and sleep at the Net shop, different from those who come to the computer room with the sole desire to find daily relaxation. Often when “trying hard” plows and hoes, gamers only have the option to climb the rank alone or two people to increase their ability to understand, win the game quickly, shorten the time to go to the road to conquer the “familiar arena”. Instead of playing a crowded team, it is easy to be distracted, causing distraction. However, before the competition, the players from the above group still gathered as a team to practice together, “arrange the army” together and aim to win the prize. But after all, each individual in the team wants to affirm their position and ability, only having competition will have a goal to strive for, thereby creating a vibrant and healthy gaming environment, helping Esports Vietnam. South is growing day by day.

TRY HARD gamers have a big role to play in inspiring gaming with RELAX gamers

On the contrary, for “relax” players who often have a limited time, the opportunity is to arrange to invite the team, set up a meeting to go to the Net room to fight the game right away and to have the best experience because of being with friends. Being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with close friends, sit on the same platform to enhance interaction like that… is a great thing for them to find a rare joy in the midst of the chaos of work.

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In the current machine rooms, it can be seen that the number of “relax” players is more numerous, because after all, entertainment needs are becoming more and more necessary in the current times. However, the number of gamers following the path of professional competition is in the minority but occupies a very important position. Besides practicing regardless of day and night, gamers Professionals also give players “relax” a completely different perspective, create a certain inspiration about this sport, and then also try at least once to attend, try to win prizes from the players. amateur league. If possible, Game room owners should invest in building teams, recruiting worthy gamers, from which to wear their Game Net brand with confidence to reach further in the Vietnamese computer room market.

#3. Business solutions that Net room owners should deploy to satisfy both “try hard” and “relax”

In the face of the current situation of the Game Net business market, which is very exciting at the moment, the “competitors” always want to acquire customers on their side, creating the upper hand and “calling for rain, calling for wind”… So what is the solution to help them? bring a certain satisfaction and trust when “try hard” and “relax” set foot in the Net room, and then have the desire to become a member here?!! It is possible for investors to make long-term plans, have specific strategies from marketing, human resource management and capture customer psychology, but what is more specific? You can refer to some solutions below.

The first thing, Net room owners should set up a membership card with special incentives for “try hard” gamers because they have missed this place as their second home. But also don’t forget to spend time chatting, reminding gamers to pay more attention to their health, avoiding the situation of working hard but being lethargic and tired. Planning to help gamers “try hard” but still be able to ensure adequate rest is not a bad idea, because health is gold anyway.

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Organize amateur Esport tournaments to exchange between TRY HARD and RELAX gamers

Net room owners should also design an additional electronic bulletin board to update the ranking position, weekly members’ climbing results right at the front of the shop. Players in the higher positions will receive basic but still extremely attractive incentives such as discounts on playing hours, or food combos, etc. Before wishing their name would be engraved on the “golden board”, the The group of gamers seems to have more goals to try to climb the rank seriously. This gives players the opportunity to assert their ability, in addition to directing gamers closer to the professional competition environment.

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Engine room owners should organize more interesting playgrounds, annual tournaments to help the gaming community become more cohesive in a healthy gaming playground. This is also an opportunity for players to rub, compete, excitedly compete for prizes. In addition, two groups of gamers “try hard” and “relax” in particular and guests who come to use Game Net services in general also have the opportunity to exchange and exchange more knowledge, skills, experiences, strategies, … to become more mature, and then increase the winning rate higher when climbing the rank. Players “try hard” on this occasion can also self-test their level after many days of hard work, recognize where they are and continue to plan their training more effectively.