According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

What does it mean to be completely physically comfortable?

Physical activity, eating, sleeping, sex… all of the above life activities are in the best state suitable for each age group.

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What is it like to be completely mentally at ease?

Being “on top” suddenly had a nosebleed that didn’t stop for half an hour, the doctor’s explanation was even more surprising. Women who own moles in these 4 positions are prone to short lives, life is easy to fall into a state of three sinks and seven floats.

Peace in soul. Know how to accept and cope with the stress in life

What is it like to be completely socially comfortable?

Occupation with a living income. Social Security is guaranteed.

What is it like to have no disease or disability?

Do this ‘happy’ thing every noon, be careful not to die early 5 fruits that easily cause weight gain, the more you eat, the more “fertile” your body will be.

Being free of physical illness mental illness, social illness, and social safety.

What is health?

Physical Health: Generally expressed as physical well-being and comfort. The more refreshing, the more comfortable you are, the more healthy you are. The basis of physical refreshment and comfort is strength, agility, endurance, resistance to disease-causing factors, and the ability to endure harsh environmental conditions.

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The girl who is embarrassed with her boyfriend because her “undergarment” is exposed must ask a doctor for help.

Mental Health: Mental health is the ability of the psyche to function properly, effectively and flexibly in the face of difficult situations and still be able to find peace again. balance yourself

It is expressed in refreshment, in the feeling of comfort, in the feeling of joy and serenity, in the optimistic thoughts that love life, in the positive, courageous, and proactive life concepts; in the ability to resist pessimistic notions and unhealthy lifestyles.

Mental health is an expression of a healthy, civilized and ethical lifestyle. The basis of mental strength is balance and harmony in mental activity between reason and emotion

Social Health: Social health is expressed in comfort in the interlaced and complicated relationships among members: Family, School, Friends, Neighborhood, Public Place, Work… It reflected in the approval and acceptance of the society. The more integrated with people, the more empathized and loved by everyone, the better social health and vice versa.

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The basis of social health is the balance between activities and individual interests with the activities and interests of society and others; is the integration between the individual, the family and the society.