What is BPO? (BPO is an acronym for “Business Process Outsourcing”), which refers to the outsourcing of certain services to a business to help a business have more time to focus on its core business areas.

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There are many different ways to say about BPO such as “Business Process Outsourcing Services”, “Business Process Outsourcing”, “Business Professional Services” or “Operation Outsourcing”. Currently, BPO is one of the rapidly growing industries in many countries around the world such as India, China, the Philippines, etc. In Vietnam, the concept of BPO has been mentioned since the end of 2005, but according to the analysis. of IDC, by 2007 only 17% of organizations and enterprises in Vietnam said that they had used outsourced services. Since then, BPO has developed like a storm in Vietnam. In 2010, Vietnam was in the top 30 countries with the best BPO quality in the world. In 2014, we rose to 5th place. By 2016, Vietnam surpassed China, Philippines, India and rose to the top of the ranking of the best BPO destinations in the world. (BPO rankings are published by the famous American Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) Corporation).

What is BPO? BPO is an acronym for Business Process Outsourcing

Why need BPO

?BPO helps businesses cut costs, increase competitiveness and optimize resources. Meanwhile, maintaining activities that are not key services or products causes businesses to invest in a cumbersome human resources department and a large cost, not to mention management problems. .

In that context, outsourcing a partner to provide day-to-day management services, payment processes, customer care, data entry… is considered an effective solution to help businesses focus better. for core business areas.

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The benefits of this approach are immediately visible such as increased work efficiency, lower costs, increased customer satisfaction, access to critical skills, technological innovation and quality. higher services, helping to improve the company’s overall competitiveness.

Outsourcing services, especially accounting services, human resource management, salary management, customer relationship management, data processing, document translation services, staffing services interpreting, etc. is and will become an inevitable trend for organizations and businesses. However, in order to promote the benefits of BPO, it is necessary to have solutions related to information security, the ability to link and coordinate with service providers, assess service quality of providers, interoperability, etc. uninterrupted by the risks involved in the business. The selection of BPO providers with business security processes, business continuity planning (BCP= Business Continuity Planning), standardized business processes and continuous improvement in the direction lean method (LEAN..). is an important factor before businesses decide to use this method.

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Key benefits of BPO

?Provides approaches to people, processes, technology, and best practices. Cuts redundancy in processes management of the business, helping the business to focus on the key points of its business process. Provides a flexible measure of new profit management – ​​step by step for growth, unified at the same time with capital savings for businesses. Enables businesses to maintain control over their projects so that management is easiest. Promotes an environment in which processes is within control and minimizing costs for businesses.

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BPO services that Phuong Dong provides include: