Today, tourism is no longer a mere resort but has become a great opportunity for the company to find partners and develop potential markets. In the term tourism industry, there is a type called “MICE tourism” – this is the popular form of tourism combined with conferences in recent times. So what exactly is MICE tourism? Characteristics, roles and types. You can find out about that through the following article.

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What is MICE tourism?

MICE is an abbreviation of English words: Meeting (meeting, meeting), Incentive (reward), Conference (conference, seminar), Event (event, exhibition).

In short, MICE tourism is a tourism activity combined with conferences, seminars, events, and rewards organized by companies exclusively for employees, customers and partners.

What are the popular types of MICE tourism?

Although newly introduced into Vietnam, MICE tourism is considered a type of tourism that promises to “explode” development in the near future. For organizations and businesses, MICE tourism is extremely important.

Here are 4 popular forms of MICE tourism synthesized by Vietnam Vision tourism.

MICE – Meeting tour (Meeting tour)

This is a tourism activity combined with the form of conferences and seminars. This type of event is held to exchange and contribute ideas about new products or services or discuss a difficult problem that needs to be solved.

The meeting tour is also divided into 2 types: Association Meeting and Corporate Meeting.

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+ Association Meeting: You can understand roughly this is an activity of meeting and exchanging information between people with the same profession or with the same interests. Normally, organizing an event in this form has an average size of about 50-200 people attending.

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+ Corporate Meeting: A form of organization with a smaller scale than Association Meeting. This form includes: Internal Meeting – organizing reward seminars/information exchange within the company; or External Meeting – conference activities to exchange business cooperation, investment between 2 or more companies.

MICE – Incentive tour (Reward travel)

Incentive tour is a type of tourism organized with the purpose of rewarding company employees, or individuals in an organization. Thereby, promoting cohesion, building a spirit of solidarity among members.

The reward tourism program has about 100 – 150 participants with most of them being collective activities such as team building… Training programs, picnics for employees, mass officials… a few specific examples of reward tours.

MICE – Convention tour (Conference tour)

Seminar tourism is a type of tourism combined with the form of conferences and seminars to exchange information between people of the same level. This activity is organized for a large national or international event with an attendance of 300 – 1500 people. Conference tourism is also divided into 2 categories:

+ Host Conference: A conference organized by the host country, and other countries sending representatives to attend.

+ Annual conference: A conference held alternately in different countries.

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MICE – Event/Exhibition tour (Event/exhibition tour)

Event tourism is an activity organized to promote and promote a specific field. The size and number of attendees are not specific. Some specific types can be mentioned such as festival programs, contests or travel programs…

For exhibition tourism, this is a form of MICE tourism combined with activities to introduce products and services to target markets/partners. In traveling exhibitions include:

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+ Trade shows mainly for business objects

+ Product exhibition to introduce products and goods to customers

Above are the most general information about MICE tourism that you need to refer to. To organize MICE tourism successfully and achieve your goals, you will need the coordination of many stages and participating departments. As a professional MICE travel event organization, Viet Vision always strives to bring attractive, quality tours at the most affordable prices. Today, use the event organization service at Viet Vision Team Building now.