What is Customization? Is this new concept in current development. Mass customization marketing is not the new strategy in the development of business today.

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What is customization?

What is Customization?

By definition in economics, Customization is customization according to customer requirements. This form is called personalization. Your product will be designed by you, the color is your choice. Manufacturers only assemble according to the requirements you choose. They will complete it and send the product back to you.

In Vietnam, this form is quite new. In the world, this form is popular in developed countries.

When it comes to Customization, people often refer to Mass Customization. It is a new process in order placement and delivery.


What is Mass Customization

?Mass Customization is a process of providing goods and services to a broad market that meets each customer’s specific needs. Mass Customization is a flexible combination of marketing and production. The new model offers flexibility and personalization in low-cost mass production and extensive production models. Another name for Mass Customization is production to order or according to customer requirements.

Mass Customization allows customers to design their own future products you want to receive. This product is tailored to your needs and desires, and is customer-friendly. In some cases, it competes with conventional mass production. Flexibility allows customers to combine multiple options to create the final product.

Mass customization can be applied to many different fields. But there are many options that can become the retail industry. Innovative software can use an inclusive approach to product configuration based on the specific functionality of the core product. The financial services industry is also subject to mass customization through the growth of independent consulting firms

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toy products can apply mass customization marketing

Mass customization marketing is a new trend

?This is a new trend, in the form of product personalization. If you are a regular customer, you order products among a variety of other products. Confused about which product to choose?

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With Mass customization marketing, you don’t need the headache of choosing. You will be directly involved in the process. You will feel like you are part of this. Since it is a product you put your energy into, you will appreciate it more than ordinary products.

To take mass personalization to the next level, you can take the following forms:

Collaboration – companies with partners have the flexibility to work together to provide products or services tailored to each customer Adaptation – The products the company manufactures are standardized, which the end user uses Customizable.Transparency – companies offer unique products to individual customers without announcing customized products.Aesthetic – companies manufacture to standardized products. But different colors and textures for many customers to choose from.

With this model, the product parts will be separated unassembled immediately. Unless the customer places a purchase request, there is a ready-made model that the customer designs. Enterprise with starting assembling. Once completed, they will send the product to the buyer.

Customers design themselves to create products

Mass customization marketing model increases the experience for customers. It will be the new trend – personalization. Personal affirmation, creating your own brand.

Example of Mass customization marketing

Dell is one of the successful brands with Mass customization marketing. Instead of focusing on mass production, customers will be directly involved in the production process. Customers can choose the components and equipment that come with the computer. The revenue that Dell achieved was 3.4 times higher than the previous strategy. Mass customization marketing is a new strategy that you can apply to your business.

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With information on “what is customization” and Mass customization marketing will help you to have a new perspective on personal production and marketing. Wish you success in business. Hopefully, this model and strategy will bring outstanding revenue to your business.

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