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Some free CMS content management system software providers

List of popular CMS today

CMS content management system is a tool quite familiar to webmasters, associated with each of their marketing activities during the time of website operation. However, the problem that many website administrators are still having is choosing the optimal CMS that is suitable for the management capabilities and development orientation of the business.

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Understanding that mentality, Mona Media would like to introduce you a little about CMS content management system and popular CMS today.

What is a CMS content management system

?CMS is an open source website content management system.

Content Management System (CMS) (short for Content Marketing System) is a tool to help manage and publish content on your website. On this tool, you can publish articles under a subtopic on the website, including text, image, video content and Call-To-Action buttons… Basically a CMS allows Webmasters can upload, edit and arrange content so that it catches the eye of their website visitors.

The CMS management information system is considered as the “brain center” of a website, helping to manage most of the content that businesses publish on their website. To make it easier for webmasters to use, these CMSs often have simple interfaces, designed with clear classifications to help users understand the function of each tool in the management information system. this.

With the CMS management information system, webmasters can shorten a large amount of working time for businesses, and at the same time, help them save their online marketing budget many times over with the self-management feature. easy content. To make a perfect website, CMS is an indispensable tool for you to deploy content more effectively.

CMS Content Management System Features

Features of Content Management System CMS

According to the research of programming experts in general, a CMS system will fully include the following features:

Some free CMS content management system software providers

Here are 3 free CMS providers for businesses to refer to.

Wix – New Platform Entering the CMS Market

Wix is ​​one of the emerging new CMS providers today.

Wix is ​​considered one of the best website building tools on the computer. Wix has a strong point in that the software works on a website platform, owns many different website templates for businesses to choose as they like. Businesses only have to log in, choose a suitable website template that includes many different headers, then use the editing application to edit it as you like, you already have a website.

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During the existence of the website, Wix provides CMSs for each website for you to freely upload and edit content on your website. In addition, Wix also gives you many advanced applications such as Live Chat, News … to help your website increase interaction with users. However, to be more deeply customized to the website, you should buy some support packages, extension packages to make the website more professional.

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

In fact, this CMS software is a tool to set up a website coding by editing and editing HTML objects. Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor can post and edit content similar to other CMS content management systems.

The websites set up by this CMS software are highly compatible with major browsers such as InteExplore, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox… However, it is not very popular and has almost no users in Vietnam.

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Similar to other free CMS software providers, SITE123 gives you a repository of templates to set up a custom website. During the operation of the website, SITE123 will give you a CMS software to manage information posted on the website.

In addition, you have many other CMS software providers. You can refer to the following list:

DotNetNuke (ASP)Kentiko (ASP)Liferay (JSP)Magento (PHP)Mambo (PHP)NukeViet (PHP)PHP-Nuke (PHP)Rainbow (ASP)Typo3 (PHP)Xoops (PHP)

List of popular CMS today

Besides the above free CMS software providers, we would like to introduce the top 5 CMS systems in the world. These are the CMSs that are most popular with webmasters today and most of them are open source and can be used completely free of charge.

The most popular CMS.

Let’s consult with Mona Media!


WordPress is a CMS built in PHP language that is widely used and very popular today around the world. CMS WordPress is often used for websites of housing, real estate, specialized retail e-commerce … but now many companies have used WP to make many other types of websites, design services. WordPress websites are also more searched from users in Vietnam. I see this is the most worthwhile CMS to use today.

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Main Features of WordPress

Use easy-to-use content management and publishing features with a standard editor. Wide variety of plugin applications and website platforms to help you customize your website better. Many webmasters use this CMS, creating a community. large copper to support you when needed.

The only downside to using WordPress is that sometimes you install too many plugins (or develop your own through hand-coding in PHP) to add the features you need to your website. However, it is still very good for non-programmers to use, experts often compare WordPress and Wix as the 2 best web building platforms today.


Joomla used to be the leading CMS management system in Vietnam because of the advantages of easy navigation, no technical knowledge required. Today, WordPress is starting to take the throne and Joomla is starting to show signs of slowing down, but Joomla has never been forgotten by certain features.

Main Features of Joomla

Diverse types of posts on the website (images, videos…) Support managing a huge user block with a variety of different features. Customize the template for each page on the website.

The weak point of Joomla is its low compatibility with beginners, you have to spend a lot of time getting used to Joomla’s content management. In addition, the application store for plugins and templates is not really wider than when you make a website with WordPress. You can get plugins out of stock by manual programming, but it can cost you more and more time.


The Drupal CMS system is an operating platform that is quite suitable for medium and large websites. The advantage of Drupal is high flexibility, good customization and a large and diverse plug-in repository. Website Drupal is often used as a news website, e-commerce …

Main Features of Drupal

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Flexible types of articles on the website.Strict management system.Clearly hierarchical website administrators.Can use any current programming language.Taxonomy System – not everyone has High security for the website .

The downside of Drupal is the difficulty of using the system. Drupal requires very high programming skills to be used. Therefore, this CMS system is also quite user-friendly.


Shopify is the leading CMS management system used to build popular e-commerce websites today. With nearly 250,000 e-stores in use, Shopify is being considered a phenomenon of websites in general and the e-commerce industry in particular.

Shopify main features:

Free interface, providing a variety of website themes to suit each need. Many free plugins and applications for many industries (Sales, Marketing, Accounting…) Using excellent quality hosting packages, ensure high security and broadband, support a large number of users to access at the same time. 24/7 online support via live chat. Integration of international payment gateways (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard… ) Clear admin hierarchy at each level, making it easier for e-stores to self-manage their stalls. Manage accounts and user information easily through an automated email system.


Opencart is an open source CMS developed for online sales systems or e-commerce. It is developed on the PHP programming language and uses the MVC(L) model to build the structure.

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Opencart is an open source CMS, quite suitable for online businesses. CMS using this PHP programming language is structured based on the MVC(L) model.

Main features of Opencart

Richer features than other CMS.Opencart is user-friendly.Opencart’s management bar is designed to slide up and down, supporting better grouping operations in each area.High customizability. , unlimited features and data. Quite suitable for “designers” who have knowledge of Photoshop with a basic understanding of programming.

Conclusion on CMS management information system

Each different CMS content management system will be suitable for each webmaster’s administrative skills, as well as the business orientation of the enterprise. If you are still wondering which CMS software to use for your website, please contact Monamedia immediately for more thoughtful advice!