What is Call Center?

Call center is a system that receives and forwards a large number of calls. Call center is organized in a company to receive and answer incoming calls from customers, provide information to customers and is also used for telemarketing and customer care purposes.

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Classification of call centers

Inbound Call Center

Receive and respond to customer information from outside towards Call Center.

Suitable for:

Customer care.Customer advice and answers.Technical support.Sales.

Outbound Call Center

Call Center staff actively call out to customers.

Match with.

Customer care.Telesales, telemarketing Financial insurance consulting.

What is Contact Center

?Contact Center is a unified information system that helps connect customers with business’s customer service staff at the right time, Contact Center is referring to one Enterprises can manage a large number of customer relationships through phone, company website, chat, email or text messages, even video calls.

Contact Center is a system that will help businesses improve their image and increase customer loyalty by answering their questions almost instantly. In addition, contact centers also help businesses operate more efficiently because they both improve customer service quality and cut operating costs.

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What is the difference between Call Center and Contact Center?

Most people are familiar with the concept of Call Center, which can be understood as a telephone contact center with the basic function of making incoming and outgoing calls within a company.

Meanwhile, Contact Center can be understood as a contact center in many forms including voice, mail, chat, instant messaging, video, which can help the company make internal calls and also serve other purposes. customer care.

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Basically, the Contact Center model is more powerful than Call Center in that it allows businesses to manage large volumes of different types of queries such as customer care calls, sales calls, or inquiries. web chat requests, and integrate all those queries with a single customer relationship management (CRM) software.

To be more precise, Contact Center is a much more interactive model than Call Center.

How does Contact Center improve business operations

?Contact Center can be considered an “all-in-one” solution for managing information flows in and out of an enterprise. Moreover, employees can easily take care of their customers even if they are not at the company (this is just an example of the convenient way of working that a contact center provides, it does not mean that the company has special services). customer service staff sitting unfocused).

The system also supports maximum customer care by allowing easy recording and retrieval of customer information for incoming calls. On top of that, Contact Center has an easy-to-use interface for customer service reps and managers, despite integrating a lot of different features.

When using a Contact Center system, businesses will increase the response rate to customer calls to the highest possible level, and can also support statistics and research on customer behavior through Many parameters are recorded in the system. Monitoring the performance of the customer service department becomes easier and more objective thanks to the numbers, and managers can also create training plans for their employees thanks to the features recognition of this system.

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When your business does not have enough resources to manage all calls and respond to customer requests as quickly as possible, perhaps setting up a Contact Center system is a right and necessary solution.