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In the first years of life, the formation of children’s basic abilities is extremely important, not only in learning but also in developing the ability to perceive, focus, persevere, morally, and affect others. people who around me.

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Unlike traditional educational methods that are trying to “shape” and “cram” knowledge for children, so that children can grow up according to their parents’ wishes, on the contrary, the educational motto of the Montessori method is: “Appreciate the all-round natural development of children, learn to teach children better”.

The difference between Montessori and traditional educational methods:

What skills does the Montessori method bring to children

?– Help children have necessary skills from an early age: personal hygiene, helping parents prepare food, cleaning the house, dressing clothes,…

Stimulating the development of the senses, children learn and play with a combination of all 5 senses, helping children develop maximum creativity and ability to explore and discover.

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– Especially children develop their language ability, children get acquainted with letters by activities of recognizing letters, activities of spelling, learning grammar and learning to write.– Educating children with humanity, forming morality, affection, sympathy, sharing, and love.– In addition, children will develop logical thinking by familiarizing themselves with numbers, geometry, and cultural subjects such as history and history. history, geography, music, etc., from which to think independently.

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Let’s give children a good education so that in the early stages of life, children can develop in the best comprehensive way with the Montessori method.