It can be said that the terms in construction are very broad, for a broader understanding you need to read and look up many documents on the internet. As well as construction materials in English… In the brief scope of this article, will share and answer some of the most common terms in construction sites, especially what is spec? We invite you to read along.

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4. Some related terms

BOQ – Bill of QuantitiesBOQ is a Table of Workloads for Bidding and Contract Signing. Shop drawing: Shop drawing is the most detailed drawing used for construction on site.Owner or Client: Investor , is the unit or individual that spends money to implement the project.Achitect : Architectural design consultancy unit.Structural Engineer : Structural design consulting unit.Constructor : Construction contractor, in addition Main Contractor and Sub Contractor are main contractors and subcontractors.Items : Construction items.Material Construction materials.Survey Is surveying, heart cos. This is the first and most important work of the construction process.Civil work is the work on basic construction such as foundation work, earth excavation, formwork, reinforced concrete… Steel structure Work on steel structure such as steel structure production, anchor bolt installation, structural erection…Interior Interior items such as floor work, ceiling (ceilling), wall (wall), furniture…M&E and MEPM&E stands for Mechanical and Electrical, MEP stands for Mechanical Electrical Plumbing. In Vietnamese, it is called electromechanical subject.

5. Electromechanical system includes 4 main items

Air-conditioning and ventilation system (HVAC).Electrical system: heavy electricity, light electricity.Water supply and drainage system and chemicals.Fire protection system.Acceptance minutes of construction work Is the record of acceptance of the work. building.

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The work acceptance record should show some information such as:

Investor information – Project name – Construction contractor – Supervision consultancy unit. Name of bidding package, items to be tested and accepted. Name of work to be checked and accepted, volume to be checked and accepted. Participants in acceptance .Opinions of the parties participating in the acceptance test.Conclusions and recommendations.Time, date and time of acceptance.Participants sign and stamp.

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Hopefully, the information that has just shared will help you understand more about what Spec is? As well as other terms in the construction industry. See you again in the next issues.