Portfolio template is an important means for not only individuals but also many companies and businesses in the process of building their own brand. The concept of portfolio templates has been mentioned for a long time, but not everyone understands correctly and knows how to prepare well portfolio templates for themselves, whether personal or business.

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Therefore, in this article, riclix.com will help you redefine the concept of portfolio, common types of portfolio as well as synthesize beautiful and creative portfolio templates worth reference!

What is a Portfolio

?Portfolio is a concept built on two important French phrases: port (meaning to bring, to hold) and folio (book page, volume). file). And when it comes to portfolios, you can understand that these are specific products containing the messages that the owner wants to convey, send or express to a certain audience.

In terms of professional business, portfolio can be understood as a place to summarize and store specific products and capabilities of individuals or organizations and businesses to potential customers. Or in the basic sense that we often call it “Capability Profile”.

The role of portfolio in branding

Instead of conducting surveys and quizzes, now organizations, partners and businesses can evaluate other objects more quickly and easily through their portfolios. However, many portfolios are built and developed by each individual, business and can sometimes be subjective. Therefore, it is common for reviewers to view portfolios as a channel and medium to consult and get more information about the subjects and units mentioned in that portfolio, and also combine other means to make decisions. determine whether it is a potential partner.

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Portfolio can be designed simply or contain a lot of information, depending on the intention of the owner

For example: When you want to sign a contract with a partner, apply to join a company… then a portfolio is something that will help increase your opportunities, besides negotiating or negotiating in just a short session.

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Portfolio templates play an important role in branding, be it a personal brand or the brand of an entire company or business. In a time when every business field is highly competitive, persuading and sending a lot of core information to customers in a short time is a top priority for businesses.

Basic portfolio templates

Based on the target group, portfolio templates can be divided into 2 basic types

Personal Portfolio (Personal Profile): Often shows specific products, achievements that this individual has accumulated during his work and branding, evidences and commitments about Reputation of yourself Business Portfolio (Corporate Capability Profile): Shows the products, service packages, service levels that the company or unit can serve customers. Often a business portfolio can be accompanied by projects, contracts, a list of successful partners.

The content is usually shown in portoflio

Personal résumé (name, field of activity, biography, contact address)Professional experience Achievements (awards, skills…) Customers, brands have worked with Related illustrations

You can make a portfolio in print form or online soft version for your partners’ viewing and reference. Individuals often make online portfolios to save costs, and most businesses spend a large part of their money to print their portfolios in paper versions for easy communication and promotion with customers.

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Collection of beautiful and creative portfolio templates

The company profile is usually synchronous and includes a lot of information about the project, product, etc. and has specific images for customers to refer to.

A beautiful and creative portfolio template

This portfolio template can be multi-page and bookable if your business is large and has a lot of information you want to show your clients.

Portfolios are usually in the form of a simple book/book. This is a familiar portfolio template for many businesses.

Personal portfolio template

You can show a lot of things in your portfolio as long as you convince your audience

Portfolio in the form of a spring book is a “fashionable” trend that has been applied by many companies and businesses with high efficiency.


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