What is a prepaid subscription? What is a postpaid subscription? Should I use prepaid or postpaid? Always the top questions of new sim customers. In the article below, riclix.com will answer this question for you and advise you whether to use a prepaid or postpaid MobiFone subscription. Don’t miss this useful information!

What is a prepaid subscription? What is a postpaid subscription?

Prepaid subscribers are also known as prepaid sims, prepaid packages. This is a pre-paid subscription type to use. When calling, texting, registering for MobiFone service… the system will gradually deduct from the top-up account.

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MobiFone postpaid subscribers, also known as postpaid sims, postpaid packages. This is a type of subscription that uses first to pay later. Customers can use the phone freely without needing to recharge, at the end of the billing cycle (end of the month) the system will calculate the total charge used and at this time you will pay the bill.

Other information you need to know about MobiFone’s prepaid and postpaid sims

There are very clear differences between prepaid and postpaid sims. Do not ignore this information because it determines whether to buy a sim to use it or not.

Prepaid subscribers Postpaid subscribers Where to buy sims Can be purchased at many different points of sale at stores, agents, collaborators, online… Need to buy at MobiFone store, with clear contract Sim sale price All has a regulated selling price of 50,000 VND/ sim, but there may be a difference in price depending on the point of sale, beautiful number How to register for 3G / 4G MobiFone All text ON the package name and send it to 9084 to register, no need to go to the store. Select current 3G/4G packages to register for use

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Should register for a prepaid or postpaid MobiFone subscription

To know if you are suitable for MobiFone’s prepaid or postpaid sim, you can refer to the table of advantages and disadvantages of different types of subscriptions below. Each form will have its own highlights for you to enjoy and want to use.

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BENEFITS ADVANTAGES DISCLAIMER Pay in advance Use as much as you can Pay as much as you want. Easy charge management because you need to recharge and use it on demand.No monthly subscription fees like postpaid Access to many promotions 20% top-up cards, promotions If you don’t recharge in time, you won’t be able to use it. Compared to postpaid, there are few customer care promotions. Calling the MobiFone customer care center costs more. Call charges are higher than postpaid. See also: What is a Past Participle – How to Use the Past Participle Past Participle Postpaid Compared to prepaid, cheaper calling ratesChoose a preferential package to use when roamingPrefer to choose a beautiful number to useReceive many customer care policies and gifts birthdayThere are many convenient ways to pay bills Not many promotional packages for calling, sms, 3g to join.Do not use also lose monthly subscription fee (except MobiF)Need to commit to using MobiFone sim for a fixed time

Whether using a prepaid or postpaid sim card of MobiFone, you will also receive a very good customer care policy of the carrier. Choose a beautiful sim card that suits your needs and use it right away! Don’t forget to learn more about MobiFone utility services, the best way to manage your account as well as how to register for the latest 4G Mobi to fully experience the sim.

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Wish you have the right choice of MobiFone prepaid or postpaid subscribers!