Payroll is an issue that all candidates have been interested in working in state-owned enterprises. Therefore, issues related to payroll topics will always be updated quickly and accurately. Let’s answer the question with What is payroll? Notes when applying payroll?

I. What is the concept of payroll

?According to current regulations of our country, the concept of payroll has not been clearly defined. However, the phrase “payroll” is still used quite commonly in the system of legal documents, the law on officials and employees.

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Payroll is simply understood as the number of people working in the system of state agencies and non-business units of the public branch of the State. All of these units are considered based on state regulations, laws and regulations.

Being on the payroll at state agencies is the dream and expectation of many candidates. This is considered one of the stable, long-term and guaranteed jobs. When reaching the retirement age, employees will be entitled to a pension set by the state.

II. Difference between payroll form and labor contract

Payroll is considered the dream and hope of many candidates in terms of remuneration as well as stable salary and bonus. Nowadays, the labor contract is a form with many opposite trends compared to the payroll. Unrecognized employees must work and commit to a fixed-term contract. Thereby, the working time may be shortened, at the same time there are many risks, stability factor is not guaranteed. There are many cases where individuals, when entering into an expired labor contract, cannot continue to sign the contract, which will lead to unemployment.

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On the payroll side, when going through the civil service exam, the salary they receive is an increment depending on the number of years of service. In addition, the state also bases the salary on the specific contributions of individuals to state agencies.

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III. How long does the payroll period last

?If in the past, the state had regulations that cadres and employees operating and working in state-owned units would receive a stable periodic salary. after retirement. Up to now, the state is gradually moving towards the work of “reducing the payroll” to focus on developing and building a healthy competition mechanism. Maybe in the future, payroll form will not be used with employees in state agencies.

Gradually, year by year, the number of officers and employees will be reduced. Therefore, the risk of unemployment of workers in the state sector will continue to increase. Instead, the number of private workers will increase significantly.

IV. How to apply for payroll

To be able to become an officer, worker, and public employee working in the state sector, you need to go through rigorous entrance exams, ensuring all the elements of knowledge, professional skills and competencies. reality. However, getting a ticket to work here is not as easy as you think.

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In addition to the admission to the payroll in the form of the civil service exam, there are many cases where they are privileged in the state job entrance exam according to Decree No. 29/2012/ND – CP Article 14 clearly stated.

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The information in the article here will hopefully answer your questions about what payroll is. Let’s read the latest articles in the News section of iJobs!

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