Gemadept Group operates production and business in many fields, regions and countries through many projects bringing practical economic and social benefits. In order to achieve the above-mentioned achievements over the past twenty years, from a company with a size of a few dozen people, until now, Gemadept has become a multi-industry corporation with over 1,500 employees, demonstrating a strategic The right development strategy in which the company’s policy of focusing on corporate responsibility to the community and society is the thread that runs through.

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POLICY FOR EMPLOYEES All employees regardless of gender, qualifications, age… are treated fairly, are given all the best conditions to work, dedicate and promote commensurate with their achievements. results are achieved through the regimes and policies for employees prescribed by the State. The lives of employees and their families are properly cared for. Friendly and professional working environment based on the company culture that has been built up during more than 20 years of establishment and development of the Group. See also: How to Fix Spelling And Grammar Check Is Complete, How to Turn Off Spell Check in Word

COMPANY’S RESPONSIBILITIES TO SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENT During the formation and development of Gemadept, it is impossible not to mention the support, cooperation and assistance of the local government and people. Therefore, awareness of environmental protection, energy saving, maintaining green-clean-beautiful landscape and attracting job creation for local people, contributing to the development of the national economy. , are the top criteria of Gemadept besides production and business efficiency. Complying with this policy, most construction projects of seaports, distribution centers, air cargo ports, real estate… are designed and built in the direction of energy saving and environmental friendliness. and create thousands more jobs for local workers. See also: What is a Spoiler – What is a Spoilers, Are you a Spoiler

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COMPANY’S RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE COMMUNITY As a public company, transparency in production and business activities, cooperation and partnerships is a vital condition on the basis of investors’ interests, equality and mutual benefit. Responsibility to the community is a consistent policy throughout Gemadept’s history with many different policies and activities, most recently the scholarship program for poor and studious students; the program “Understanding the heart” helps to perform heart surgery for poor and unfortunate children; charity programs, visiting the lonely and disadvantaged elderly people who are being nurtured at Social Centers; program “Good leaves protect torn leaves” timely relief people affected by natural disasters, storms, floods… across the country. GMD constantly raises the awareness of “drinking water, remembering the source”, “repaying gratitude” of the Group’s employees for those who have contributed to the country through activities on the occasion of Invalids and Martyrs’ Day 27/ 7 every year and during holidays, Tet, etc.

Conscious that the interests of the business are always associated with the interests of the community, Gemadept Group is doing its best for a stable and growing business environment and is willing to share for the community through its commitments in Group policy.