I. Overview of the horoscope of the year of the Tiger in the year of the Tiger 2021 female network

Looking at the horoscope in 2021, it is said that the year of the New Ox is a year of great sand for the female zodiac sign of the year of the Tiger in 2021. Good things will come, favorable opportunities for self-development. Business, love affairs, social relationships are all met with good things.

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At the beginning of the year, the work is stable, but towards the end of the year, the fortune will increase. Destiny will reap many successes, but besides that, it also needs to go through many challenges.

II. Interpretation of the horoscope 2021 of the year of the Tiger in all aspects

1. Work, career

This year is an auspicious year of the Tiger, although at the beginning of the year there will be a little trouble, but your work is always smooth and easy. You can work far away will have more fortune than doing business near home. Friends communicate with many people to help everything go smoothly.

2. Finance

Finance and fortune in the year have more surplus than the previous year. Especially for those who do business, they will earn great profits. Salaried employees are promoted and their income increases.

3. Love, family religion

Your love in the year is loved by many people, wherever you go, you will receive help. Married people have a happy life, harmonious husband and wife, obedient and healthy children.

In general, Horoscope 2021 is a relatively good year of fortune, if you try, you will have more luck this year.

4. Health

This year’s health is somewhat declining, you may experience some symptoms of headache, dizziness, stress, thinking a lot. Busy work should invest a lot of time, easy to make the body weak.

III. See the zodiac sign of the year of the Tiger in 2021

1. Online mirroring

You are ruled by Mercury this year

People with this star are often in April and August, like Saturn Tu, so there are books written: “Tho Tu, Thuy Dieu is dead”. But if you look closely, people with Mercury in love have dysentery and bad luck. If men go to work, they will be better off and more profitable than women.

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2. Age limit

Payment Deadline – The owner of the money dissipates, it may be an investment for a job, or a family has many problems to spend.

3. The Four Pillars

Thien Thuan, Dia Sinh: In the year of Tan Ox, the business of the lady born in 1986 is favorable, fortunate, even in difficulty, others will help. However, about yourself, you often think, leading to a negative mood.

4. Fortune

Ke Hoi Vien (Chicken in the garden)

Signaling a favorable year, reaping many successes, increasing income.

A year of business ton and prosper. In 2021, Tan Ox, has a good fortune, is given money and property by others.

5. Solve the term star

Solving the bad luck is a method of reducing bad luck and banishing bad luck for the homeowner. The meaning of the term release forms is essentially to bring faith in luck to everyone, when we have a more positive and optimistic view of life, we will have the strength to achieve our goals. me.

Therefore, to reduce bad luck, the first thing you need to do is to improve yourself, mentally, lifestyle, exercise, .. to have a good physical strength, a clear mind. Please do many good things to help yourself and those around you. If possible, they should participate in charity programs and support people in difficult circumstances.

IV. Feng shui horoscope for the year of the Tiger year 2021 female network

Applying feng shui elements to your life also gives you confidence in luck and positive things.

1. Age appropriate color

In 2021, to prevent bad luck from wrapping your body, you should use a feng shui stone bracelet or wear a Buddha face. They have the effect of improving luck for the owner, thereby increasing luck in work and daily life.

The Buddha Face of Destiny Void Bodhisatta will be a lucky charm, a guardian for you to promote your own capacity, maintain your stance, persistently pursue your goals to progress to success.

Wearing green, red, orange, pink, purple feng shui stone bracelets will attract a lot of luck in terms of money, health and happiness for you.

2. Departure direction

Good departure direction for the Lunar New Year 2021 (Lunar calendar) for the year of the Tiger woman 1986:

3. Age of breaking into the house

At the beginning of the year, the owner of the year of the Tiger, the female network, should invite the owner to be born in the year of the Pig. Tan Suu, Binh Thin come to the house at the beginning of the year to make everything favorable, have a lot of luck, full of fortune, the whole year is smooth.

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4. See the age to build a house in 2021

In 2021, the owner of the year of the Tiger commits the age of the Hoang Oc. Those who meet this drought should not build or repair houses during the year. But if the construction is urgent and needs to be carried out in this year of the New Ox, you can refer to some solutions to solve it, such as borrowing the age to build a house. Refer to: See the age to build a house.

V. Interpretation of horoscopes of the year of the Tiger in the year of the Tiger 2021 for female users

1. Bow of fortune

Stars: Thien Tru, Dao Hoa, Thien Viet, Nguyet Duc, Moc Duc, Tu Phu, Dai Hao.

The master of business this year needs to spend and invest a lot. Therefore, fate must think and calculate carefully.

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2. Conjunctive bow

Stars: Tu, Truc Phu

The master star is in poor health, prone to headaches, mood swings, or gastrointestinal diseases.

3. The dual sign

Stars: Phuc Binh, Tue Pha, Thien Hu, Quan Dai

The master star has many thoughts, worries, and sorrows. You are a sensitive person, easily preoccupied with external influences.

4. Zodiac sign

Fixed stars: Tau Thu, Thien Khoi, Thieu Duong, Duong Phu, Hong Loan, Tuyet, Thien Khong, Co Than, Kiep Chat, Phuc Duc, Qua Tu, Dia Vong, Kinh Duong, Suy.

The master star in terms of business has many cooperative relationships. But fate needs to think carefully, choose the right person to collaborate.

VI. Horoscopes for 2021 in the year of the Tiger by month of the year

1. Spring

January: The first month of the year is peaceful and harmonious, the lady has a lot of joy in life, and the love story is also sublimated.

February: The month of fortune in money. If those who participated in the investment in the past year, this year will get results. Or those who are salaried will be rewarded with money and salary increases from their superiors.

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March: Pay attention to obey traffic safety laws, bring all documents in case you need to use them.

2. Summer

April: Business activities in the month of competition appear, you should not subjectively underestimate the opponent.

May: The 2021 horoscope shows that this month, life has many problems in terms of money, you may be in need, but you have friends and relatives to support you.

June: Your business in this June will remain stable and normal. Wealth is more abundant.

3. Autumn

July: Should spend more time cultivating love life of husband and wife, relationships between family members.

August: Health is somewhat reduced, blood circulation is difficult or suffer from vestibular symptoms, headache, dizziness.

September: This is the month of the year of the Tiger woman in 1986, receiving many positive news in life. Work is also on the rise.

4. Winter

October: In this month, your career is quite developed, earning a profit in business. However, in relationships, it is necessary to pay attention to words.

November: In the month there is an investment of money for work. This is a good sign because in the future you will receive benefits.

December: There are some conflicts in the family, Miss 1986 needs to be more skillful in communication to avoid misunderstandings.

VII. Some reference information

1. Pham Thai Tue?

– In 2021, the year of the Tiger woman born in 1986 does not violate Thai Tue.

2. Pham Tam Tai no?

– In 2021, the female tiger born in 1986 does not commit Tam Tai.

3. Pham Kim Lau no?

– In 2021, the 36-year-old woman of the year of the Tiger (lunar calendar), did not commit Kim Lau.

4. Pham wild snail?

– In 2021, the 36-year-old woman of the year of the Tiger (lunar calendar), commits the age of Hoang Oc – Tam Dia Sat.

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See the horoscope for the year of the Tiger in 2021 – Female network 1986 has sent readers an overview of the 1986 Tiger year’s progress this year. The above reference information is evaluated objectively, hopefully readers will apply positive things in life.

In the New Year of the Ox 2021, riclix.com would like to wish all readers a happy and prosperous new year, all things go well!