Event guests  (English: Event guests) is one of the factors that need to be taken into account when planning, organizing and organizing events.

Guests to the event


Event guests  in English roughly translates as: Event guests.

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Event guests are organizations, businesses or individuals who are actively invited by the event owner to participate in the events and activities of the event, they are the main audience that the event target wants to influence. touch.

Therefore, event guests are one of the factors that need to be taken into account when programming, planning and organizing the content of the event.

Guests participating in the event can be free, but there are also cases where certain fees must be paid in return for them to receive certain spiritual or material values.

Classification of guests

According to the event plan, it can be divided into:

+ Official guest

+ Reserve guest

– By location, the guest’s current role can be divided into:

+ Guests are important characters (VIP guests – Very important person, important characters such as government officials or, leaders of partners at work, leaders of large enterprises, characters with positions of authority. , great influence in society…)

+ Guests at media agencies (such as journalists, reporters, cameramen…)

+ Guests are customers

+ Guests are suppliers

Preparatory work related to guests

– Make a guest list

– Prepare and send invitations to guests

– Check, confirm (confirm) the information related to the guest

– Prepare conditions to serve guests

General process for making guest list

Step 1: Agree on the number and structure of guests with the event investor

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Step 2: Make different types of guest lists

Corresponding to the way of classifying guests (mentioned above), it is necessary to make guest lists such as:

– List of VIP guests

– Official guest list: are the guests that the event organizer wants and prioritizes for their presence in the event.

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– Reserve guest list: includes people who can replace those on the official guest list when they cannot attend the event.

– The guest list is a media agency.

In the newly created guest list, you usually only need basic information such as: Full name of the guest, Title/working unit, Address, Phone number (Email, fax, website, to contact) Points to pay attention to…

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Step 3: Check the guest list. For important events, there should be a step to check the guest list to avoid duplication, omission of information and especially the necessary guests.

Step 4: Confirm the guest list. In some cases, the event organizer may ask the event investor to finalize the guest list. (if necessary, the event investor must also sign the guest list)

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