What is Chemical Element? How are chemical elements represented and how many chemical elements are there to remember until now? The article also helps us calculate the mass of some Chemical elements

Chemical elements are atoms that have the same number of protons in their nucleus

Chemical elements have the same number of protons, so they have the same number of electrons, so the chemical properties of chemical elements will be similar.

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2. Chemical Symbols

Each element is represented by a unique chemical symbol. This notation is defined by international conventions, and usually, we take from 1 to 2 letters at the beginning of the element name, which is transcribed in English, Latin or using other languages ​​such as French, German. , Russian . . .How to know a chemical symbol of an element that begins with a capital letter such as Potassium symbol K, Hydrogen symbol H. If after the first letter still use other letters to set the symbol The chemical symbol of an element is usually used, such as Aluminum (Aluminium), so the symbol is Al, Natrium is denoted by Na. . .

3. How many chemical elements are there

There are 118 chemical elements in all

Currently, science is developing and we have discovered many different chemical elements and based on the difference in the number of protoms in the nucleus of an atom that scientist Mendeleev has systemized and rearranged the elements. These elements form a periodic table called the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements.

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In the periodic table, there are currently 118 different chemical elements that are divided into many different groups. Metals include Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, B Metals, and Transition Metals. . .Nonmetallic group has Halogen Group Noble gas group There is also the Lanthanum family, the Actinium family is radioactive elements

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Atomic mass is the mass of an atom

Because the mass of an atom is very small, the world metrology organization takes the mass of 1 carbon atom as the unit of atomic mass. The name is called the unit of carbon. The symbol for each element is different in number. protons, so they will have different atomic masses. The atomic mass unit is also denoted as u. In the international system of measurement we have: 1u = 1/NA(gram) = 1/(1000 NA)kgNA aka Avogadro’s number is the number The number of atoms in 12 grams of isotope Carbon 12C, also known as the number of atoms in 1 mole of the substance. Avogadro’s number has units of 1/mol or mol-1. So with the above equation, we have C = 12 dvCH = 1. unitCO = 16 unitsCCa = 40 unitsCNa = 23 unitsCK = 39 units. . . .

4. Chemical Elements to Remember

Learning chemistry must remember the element symbol Chemistry

To learn Chemistry well, the first thing we must remember is the most necessary Chemical elements because in chemical reaction equations there are chemical element symbols, in calculations we also need to know the symbols. chemistry of the element to do homework. Therefore, the symbol of the chemical element is the most essential, it is impossible not to remember. First, we need to know the most basic elements according to the following route: Lesson 1 need to learn what? Metallic elements

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Potassium – Mass: 39Natri – Mass: 23Barium – Mass: 137Calcium – Mass: 40Magie – Mass: 24

Non-metallic element

Fluorine – Mass: 19Chlor – Mass: 35.5 Iodine – Mass: 127

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