Cardamom, also known as cardamom, originated from India and was introduced to Europe through the famous spice route during the Renaissance.

What is Cardamom? In the Vietnamese sense, Cardamom is cardamom, one of the indispensable spices in European dishes. For those of you who are passionate about the culinary profession, Cardamom will certainly be no stranger to Cardamom. To understand clearly what Cardamom is, and what information about Cardamom during use, please refer to the article below!

Any dish using this spice has a very special taste. Feeling like being stimulated taste helps food become more delicious, more attractive. The special taste makes Cardamom more and more spread and become popular in many countries, especially in Vietnam.

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What is the concept of Cardamom

?Cardamom, also known by its Vietnamese name, is a cardamom fruit originating from India and introduced to Europe through the spice route. Cardamom has a flat, three-pack spherical shape with a diameter of 1-1.5cm. Each fruit has 20-30 seeds with nutmeg or nutmeg. Cardamom belongs to the ginger family, so the taste of Cardamom is very warm, but different from the warm taste of ginger, it is a bit harsh and flying.

What is Cardamom?

Since ancient times, cardamom is often used to treat diseases. According to the sharing of research experts, cardamom is used to treat conditions such as sore throat, cold, antibacterial, alcohol detoxification, etc. Moreover, cardamom is also used to process food. unique flavors and characteristics. Cardamom is also ranked as the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla.

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Cardamom – a familiar spice in cuisine

Cardamom has 2 basic types used to prepare dishes: Blue Cardamom and Black Cardamom. In particular, the blue variety is used the most because of its mild flavor and a hint of sweetness. Blue cardamom can be mixed as a condiment, as a dessert. However, in the process of using the dish or dessert, it is necessary to gently peel the shell so that the Cardamom seeds inside are colored before use. Black cardamom usually uses the filling and removes the skin before use because of the stronger flavor and very spicy.

Cardamom is widely used in desserts

The more dried the cardamom, the stronger the flavor. Cardamom powder has a mild taste, ground up from the multiple skins and seeds of these fruits. Cardamom is a powder commonly used in the process of making cookies and sweet bread in Europe. Besides, this spice is also used in making milk tea. Indians love to use Cardamom in curries. In particular, European cuisine often uses Cardamom for baked goods. For Chinese cuisine Cardamom is often used in marinating pork.

Although one of the origin from abroad, but Cardamom is now becoming one of the popular spices in the world, including Vietnam. Chefs often use it to make sweet sauces, dressings and some seasonings for grilled dishes. Besides, Cardamom is also used to make cakes or used as a vegetable in side meals with spicy, spicy and warm flavors. Cardamom also helps balance flavors to make delicious dishes more attractive.

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Cardamom is indispensable in Indian curries

Hope the above information helps you better understand what Cardamom is? Uses as well as features to understand about Cardamom. If you are looking to become a chef, you definitely need to know these spices well to have the knowledge to create many delicious dishes.