What is Chief Marketing Officer? In the current 4.0 era, the development of an enterprise will depend a lot on communication work. Behind each marketing campaign, there will be a person who directly gives ideas, runs and balances the finances that are most suitable for the business… The position we are talking about is the Marketing Director “Chief Marketing Officer”

What is Chief Marketing Officer?

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in Vietnam is also known as Marketing Director, this is said to be one of the senior management positions for a business, responsible for planning, implementing and reporting directly to the company. CEO of the company. This position can greatly determine the formation and development of a business.

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In order for businesses to assert their position in the market, in addition to focusing on product quality, businesses also need to come up with ways to improve their image, brand identity, customer care services, etc. public relations… And all of this work will be planned and implemented by the CMO.

What are the duties of the Chief Marketing Officer

?CMO has a very important role

The Chief Marketing Officer plays a key role in the operation of the business and the tasks a CMO needs to perform will include:

1. Make a Marketing Strategy

As the head of marketing, the chief marketing officer will plan, review and approve the strategies proposed by the staff. Next, the CMO will be the initiator, motivating everyone to follow the plan he has set out to achieve the desired goal.

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2. Make changes and monitor

Chief Marketing Officer will be the person who directly makes changes and changes as well as is responsible for the marketing department. When problems arise, the CMO needs to be able to make decisions quickly to solve the problems, and remind and supervise employees to follow the plan.

Marketing with many different departments such as: SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads, Performance marketing… The task of the CMO is to plan and monitor the work of each department together.

The marketing director will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the strategy from which to make adjustments and approvals with the responsibility to ensure the effectiveness and quality of work.

3. Connect with other parts

In order for the business to operate effectively, the departments must closely link with each other. The CMO has to work with many different departments such as production, sales, customer care, etc. to create the most complete marketing campaign.

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In some cases, CMOs can make decisions and solutions to change an entire program with the participation of many departments with the aim of bringing the best benefits to the business.

4. Brand building

In order for your brand to have a foothold in the market, you need to have a clear branding strategy, which is also a vital decision for a business. And this great responsibility will be performed by Chief Marketing Officers themselves.

CMOs need to ensure that their brand needs to have a unique impression on customers, content, design, brand maintenance on different communication channels.

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5. Connecting relationships

For a marketing campaign to work effectively, it is necessary to combine many different advertising channels. As a manager, the CMO is responsible for contacting relevant units such as television stations, voice stations, hiring celebrities… to get the best cost.

6. Implement Marketing on Multi-channel

In the past, marketing was mainly done by traditional methods such as placing signs, advertising on television, distributing leaflets, word of mouth… But when the speed of technology development changed the world quickly. consumption behavior is also gradually changed.

Marketing directors need to be able to grasp trends in customer behavior, so that they can choose the right advertising channels for products and services.

7. Market analysis

As a Chief Marketing Officer, you need to plan marketing trends so that you can offer the right content for each time and situation.

Collecting data and analyzing reports will help CMOs decide what is the most appropriate marketing campaign.

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Qualities Chief Marketing Officer needs

Chief Marketing Officer needs to converge many qualities

Leadership skills Good communication skills, able to fully convey their ideas to subordinates Critical skills Reasonable work arrangement Creativity is considered the most important quality for CMOs Ability to analyze and evaluate based on report templates related to business, knowledgeable about customers, knowledgeable about products

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a very important position in the business, can even decide the success or failure of a business, so the requirements to become a good CMO are extremely strict. .

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