Like Visa or Mastercard, JCB cards are preferred by most users, especially for international payments. So what is a jcb tag? What are the advantages? How to open JCB bank card?

Let’s learn about JCB card knowledge with banktop through the following article.

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Advantages of using JCB Card

4 The fastest way to open a JCB card5 Conditions and documents to open a JCB card6 Top 3 Best banks to open JCB cards in 2021

What is a JCB card

?JCB card is an international payment card linked with banks around the world for the purpose of supporting payment for users. In Vietnam today, JCB cards are issued as co-branded cards of banks, including 3 main types of cards: Prepaid Card, Debit Card and Credit Card.

What is a JCB card?

In addition to being able to pay international fees including withdrawing money and swiping cards into JCB-enabled machines. The card also includes incentives for users such as free Wi-Fi access when you travel to Japan, air tickets, and free travel to some places in Japan.

Classification of JCB Card

As mentioned above, JCB cards are classified into three main types, including:

Payment card: Customers transfer money to the card to be able to spend without linking to a payment account. Credit card: customers are given an available limit to spend first, pay later, time normal interest free is 45 days.Debit card: Directly connected to customer’s bank account, when making bill payment by debit JCB card, the system will record and directly deduct money from account the payment.

Advantages of using JCB card

Everyone knows what JCB card is. So what are the useful points for us to open JCB card?


When traveling or going on a business trip abroad, surely everyone will be afraid to carry a lot of money, take risks and worry about risks such as theft, counterfeit money …

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Universal payment card is a good solution for you. You go with just one card and all your money problems will be solved.

Flexible spending

With a JCB credit card you can control how you spend money with your card. Your transaction bill will be notified by your bank every month via email, or you can directly access the system to look up and plan to use the card more effectively.

Payment is easy

You can stay at home, but you can also easily buy goods in the US by using international payment cards instead of domestic and foreign transactions.

Everything is simple and easy, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the cashier to do the change or other problems when you use cash.

Easier payment with JCB . card

With JCB credit card you can make payments around the world without too much hassle. This will be extremely convenient when you travel, work … abroad.


With JCB card, you can bring tens or hundreds of millions of dong to spend on the trip without worrying because it is very safe.

In case you lose your card, you just need to contact the call center to request a card lock immediately without fear of losing money.

Many offers

With incentive programs such as accumulating points, redeeming gifts when buying online, booking air tickets, booking hotel rooms, JCB card is a great choice.

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The fastest way to open JCB card

To open a JCB card at partner banks, you can use one of the following two ways to open a card.

Open JCB card directly at the Bank

Step 1: Customers go to the branch/transaction office of the bank to register: HERE Step 2: Get the number and wait for your turn Step 3: Go to the registration counter and fill in the card issue information in the form. Complete the card issuance procedures according to the instructions of the bank staff.Step 4: The staff authenticates the informationStep 5: Receive an appointment slip (depending on the bank) the date of card collection Step 6: Change PIN at ATM to activate and use card use.

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Register for JCB Online Card

Step 1: Access the online card registration page of the banks. Step 2: The bank will call you and guide you to complete the procedure. Step 3: The JCB card maker can go to the banks or wait for the staff. staff come to get official registration documents.Step 4: Customers can receive the card at home by post or go to the nearest branches, transaction offices of banks to get the card.

Conditions and Application for opening JCB card


Customers are Vietnamese or foreigners living in Vietnam aged from 18. Have a minimum income according to the regulations of each bank.


Regardless of whether you open a card at any bank, you will need the following main documents:

Application form for issuance of JCB.CMND card/CCCD card or Passport (photocopy) Income proof documents such as salary statement/salary sheet…HDLD/Position appointment letter…

Top 3 Best JCB Card Opening Banks in 2021

Here are the Top 3 places to open the best JCB card in 2021. You can refer to and choose the right banking service for yourself.

JCB Sacombank Card

Sacombank JCB credit card is a card issued by the bank Sacombank issued it to connect JCB with customers when there is a need to use a card to spend first and pay later.

Register for JCB Sacombank card

Currently, JCB Sacombank card has three types of JCB cards to meet different needs of customers.

JCB Credit Card: Receive special orders from more than 100 restaurants, travel, shop and withdraw 90% at all JCB certified ATMs worldwide and internationally. JCB Gold Card: Free Card fee up to 55 days and credit up to 200 million VND JCB Ultimate credit card: Merchants will be able to buy global travel insurance with a payout of up to 11.4 billion VND. Limit from 300 million VND and unlimited.

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JCB Vietcombank Card

JCB Vietcombank card is one of the most popular cards used by many customers today, notably the JCB Vietcombank credit card.

Advantages of using JCB Vietcombank credit card:

Support flexible card limit from 5 million to 300 million. Support interest-free period up to 45 days, comfortably spend first, pay later. Can issue 3 additional cards for relatives. Diverse in card payment services.Many different statement payment methods.Convenient in spending management.

JCB Techcombank Card

Although there is only one line of JCB cards, which is Techcombank JCB – Dream Card, this card of Techcombank has many outstanding advantages such as:

Withdrawal limit is as high as the limit granted. There are many promotions such as accumulation of points, gift exchange, cashback continuously implemented by Techcombank. Support for issuing supplementary cards as well as card payment management system optimally helps customers control spending of both primary and supplementary cards. The annual fee is extremely low, only 150,000 VND/year.


JCB card with its great advantages is always trusted by many customers to choose when having the need to open a payment card.

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Hope this article has been useful for customers.