What is the first number of 0949? is the question of many people who are using and intend to buy this first sim card. And when choosing this number, you need to keep in mind what you already know. If not, then in the following article Khosim.com will help you answer the above question in the most detailed way!

Which carrier does the prefix 0949 belong to?

What is the prefix 0949? – The number 0949 belongs to the line of sim cards with the first 10 digits of 094 of Vinaphone telecommunications network. This is one of the big players in the Vietnamese telecommunications market with the second largest market share after Viettel. This number has been supplied to the market by Vinaphone since 1996 with the following numbers: 0941, 0942, 0943, 0944, 0945, 0946, 0947, 0948, 0949.


The number 0949 belongs to Vinaphone network

The first number 0949 is one of the long-lasting outputs and was launched early on the market after only the 094 number of Mobifone. After many years in the market, number 0949 is still loved by many users thanks to its beautiful, easy-to-remember number sequence and good feng shui meaning. This line of sims is suitable for many different customers, with affordable prices.

Like other sim lines of Vinaphone, sim number 0949 is highly appreciated for its attractive offers, stable transmission, strong signal, nationwide coverage. Besides, this sim line also receives attractive preferential services such as promotions for free recharge cards, high-speed internet data packages, messaging packages, voice calls.

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The meaning of numbers in the beginning of number 0949

The beginning of number 0949 is appreciated because all numbers bring good feng shui meanings. Not only that, when combined with the number 0949, it brings many lucky meanings to the owner. This prefix can be combined with many different ending numbers. Specifically, the meanings of the numbers in the beginning of number 0949 are as follows:


Special meanings of numbers that you cannot ignore

Italy meaning of the number 0

Number 0 is the first number of all numbers as well as the sequence of natural numbers. This number brings the meaning of a successful, favorable new beginning and a perfect ending. The number 0 symbolizes the beginning, giving a new beginning full of energy and strength. In addition, according to the feng shui sense of the number 0 also symbolizes heaven and earth, for fullness, full of happiness.

The meaning of the number 9

According to folk beliefs and feng shui, the number 9 is the number of the king, mandarin, and royal family. The number 9 is the highest 1-digit natural number symbolizing kingship. This number also symbolizes authority, high and endless good power. Therefore, using the number 9 will bring power, success and development to the owner.

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The meaning of number 4

Many people think that this is a bad number and does not bring luck. But in contrast to that, the use of the number 4 will help the owner to develop, advance continuously in life, be admired and respected by others. Number 4 always brings you luck and development forever.

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The meaning of the pair of 49

These are 2 numbers representing the complete happiness, harmony in all things in life living. In addition, this pair of numbers represents yin and yang and the origin of all things, when using this number will help the owner increase luck and convenience.

Things to keep in mind when choosing the 0949 prefix

Although it was born many years ago, the number 0949 is still loved by many people . To choose a sim with this beautiful number, affordable, for work purposes and destiny, you can refer to the following experiences:

Choose a sim that fits your pocket money

Each type of sim with different numbers has different meanings and different prices. Therefore, when choosing a sim, you need to pay attention to the price that is suitable for your economy. For ordinary people, who only need a sim to contact friends, they should only use normal birth with the price from 200k to return.


You should choose a sim that is suitable for your economy and pocket

In case you need to use a beautiful sim, a business sim, a feng shui sim, You can choose beautiful digital sim lines. Sim lines such as Tam Hoa, Loc Phat, God of Fortune, Sim burden, Yin and Yang Sim, Advance Sim, etc. These sim lines have prices ranging from 500k to 10 million dong. For those who need to use VIP sim lines such as Luc Quy, Ngu Quy, Tu Quy, the price will be more expensive from 50 million to over 1 billion.

Notes for you

The number 0949 is inherently a beautiful number that can be combined with many different ending numbers. To increase luck and prosperity for this number, you can choose the Number tails bring good feng shui meanings. You should choose the sequence of numbers that suit your destiny. Choose the tails Tam Hoa, Tu Quy, Ngu Quy, Luc Quy, along with the tails of the god of wealth – 39/79, Mr. Dia – 38/78, Loc Phat – 68, Phat Loc – 86,…

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Khosim.com has just provided you and your friends with the answer to the first question, what network is 0949. To choose a beautiful sim for the first number 0949, you can visit khosim.com or contact our customer care call center. In addition to the original 0949 sim products, Khosim.com also provides sim lines of all current carriers.