Buy PBN Backlinks

buy PBN backlinks

Buy High Quality PBN Backlinks

When it comes to buying backlinks for your website, there is no better place than a PBN. PBN is the backbone of a perfect website. It’s made up of domains abandoned by previous owners, but since we already set up our PBN building service and offer backlinks for purchase, you can now buy them from us!

Up to DA 60
Google Safe

Benefits of PBN Backlinks

  • PBN backlinks are the most efficient way to boost your website’s domain authority, which is a key factor in ranking.
  • A PBN will give you the power to control your backlinks and how they are written. You can decide not just anchor text, but also what content is featured on these links with a number of opportunities for testing and improvement along the way.
  • PBN buyers have numerous opportunities to test out different strategies of creating social credibility through quality content while staying within safe parameters of SEO best practices.
  • If you have a good blog post on PBN, you can also get referral traffic to your site, which is also an important ranking factor

Our Search Engine Optimization Core Services Include:

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Our Basic PBN Packages

Niche relate content and/or niche related category
Basic 1
  • 5 Backlinks
  • Average DA = 10
  • DA range from 10-20
  • Detailed report
  • 2 Days Delivery


Basic 2
  • 10 Backlinks
  • Average DA = 15
  • DA range from 10-30
  • Detailed report
  • 2 Days Delivery


Basic 3
  • 20 Backlinks
  • Average DA = 20
  • DA range from 10-30
  • Detailed report
  • 2 Days Delivery



Our Premium PBN Packages

Niche relate website
Premium 1
  • 1 Backlinks
  • DA range from 10-20
  • Detailed report
  • 2 Days Delivery


Premium 2
  • 2 Backlinks
  • DA range from 20-30
  • Detailed report
  • 2 Days Delivery


Premium 3
  • 4 Backlinks
  • DA range from 30-40
  • Detailed report
  • 2 Days Delivery



Features Of PBN Backlinks

  • Unique content added every week.
  • Each PBN has a clean history.
  • Each PBN has a clean backlink profile.
  • Niche related content
  • Premium indexing service included.
  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Multiple-language support.

Get Your Edu, Gov Dofollow Backlinks

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Your URLs: 1 URL is allowed.

Your keywords: Up to 15 keywords (depends to your choice of package). You should use as many different keywords as you can.

Your article: If you have articles of your own, you can upload. We will then spin your article to more unique ones.

How We Process Your Order.


From your keywords, our system will generate unique content that is related to your niche.

Anchor text wise

We will use your keywords as anchor text.

Latest indexing methods

Your PBN backlinks will be submitted to our premium indexer that is safe and has an index rate to 80% backlinks (after 1 month).

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What are PBNs? 

PBN stands for private blog networks and consists of several independent websites that were created with the sole purpose of ranking high on Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages) by linking back to you website using various techniques such as individual webpages filled with content relevant to your niche and making connections between sites which may help drive traffic without having any effect whatsoever on rankings themselves because it is not technically considered organic SEO activity under today’s algorithm updates.”

Why do you need PBN backlinks?

PBN links are a great way to improve search engine rank for your sites and can be really valuable if you have a site that is well suited to them. You may be aware of how relevancy in search rankings is an important measure on websites like Google. And what makes PBN blinks so good? They’re all related to your niche and are particularly helpful when it comes to improving ranking on Google’s SERPs. 

Buy PBN backlinks vs create your own PBN? 

PBNs are expensive to build and maintain. The cost of building a PBN can be broken down below:

  • Domain = $10$ (the minimum if you don’t have to go through domain auction to buy a good one)
  • Hosting: $5×12 months = $60/year
  • Article = $20×10 (a basic PBN will have more than 20 articles, and each should be more than 500 words)
  • Let’s say you use a free theme. 
  • Monthly link building to PBNs: $50 (minimum)

Then the total cost is $770 this is also excluded link building for that domain, which will cost a lot.

For 10 PBNs, you have to invest at least $7700 a year. And these PBN can only give you 1-3 links to each PBN for safety.  

This means the cost per each PBN backlink to your site is: 7700:(3×10) = $256. And that’s not everything, you have to invest that money every year too. 

The process of building PBNs take a lot of time

  • You need 1-2 hours to find a domain with good metrics and clean history.
  • You need 30 mins to do keyword research
  • If you write article yourself it would cost 1-2 hour each article, 20 articles would take 20-40 hours
  • If you hire someone to do it, it would cost 10-20 mins to submit and check the articles
  • Buy hosting and setup website properly would take minim 30 mins
  • If you do backlinks to PBN it would take 10 hours a month. If you buy backlinks for your PBN, it would take 10-20 minutes to order. 

In total it would take 60-150 hours/a year/PBN  -> 7-16 full days for a PBN

For 10 PBNs it would take you 70-160 days, that means it would take at least 2 months and up to 5 whole months just for your PBN work. 

Is it clear that with the time and cost above, buying PBN backlink is the better option you can have. 

How do you buy PBN backlink but still get safe?

There is a risk of Google’s penalty when it comes to doing PBN backlinks as these links are considered unnatural. To be safe, should follow the instruction:

  • Should do PBN link to your page, post, category but not homepage
  • Have good content on both the PBN and your money site.
  • You should not point too many PBN to 1 URL, maximum 10 links.
  • Doing high quality backlinks to PBN is recommended.
  • Diverse the anchor text

Frequent Asked Questions

The more high quality backlinks you have, the higher your ranking will be. But it is very important to maintain a balance between domain age and freshness of content with number of links.

For example:
– If your domain have a good age (over a year or so), and have one article a day, you can buy about 5000 backlinks/ week (tier 1).
– If your site is just up for 3 months, and you have 1-2 articles/week, you can buy 1000-2000 backlink/week.

There are many aspect that affect the changes on your rankings. 

  • The less competition your niche is the faster you see effects on ranking.
  • The less competitive your keywords are, the faster it will take to show up in Google’s search engine results page (SERP).
  • The better content you have on a website, the quicker that site should rise through SERP rankings. Inversely speaking, if a webmaster has poor quality or little articles and information then their site link may not rank as highly even with backlinks from high Domain Authority sites 
  • Furthermore without new unique content being published regularly there won’t be any way for these SEO efforts to make an impact long term if no one can find anything worthy enough.

Yes, they are the foundation of Google’s original PageRank algorithm! It doesn’t stop there though. Countless studies have been conducted in the search engine optimization industry that show a direct correlation between your website’s performance and how many links you have pointing to it from other sites on the internet.

Backlinks are the most important signal for a site’s authority on search engines like Google. The typical user might not know that backlinks can represent an “indirect vote of confidence,” but just knowing they exist is enough to make us appreciate their value and importance in how sites rank with respect to one another, especially when it comes time for social media or advertising campaigns online.

Back links have always been vital because they’re what give other websites permission (and amotivation) to link outwards from them as well-to support each others’ content so if there’s something worth linking too then everyone knows about it!

Websites like Semrush, Majestic seo or will help you to get an idea of how many backlinks your website has, but they are not as reliable and accurate as using Google’s search engine for this task. Why? These websites crawl the web with their own bots rather than scraping data from Google itself. This means that these sites may only find 30-50% of your site’s backlinks; while, in contrast, if you use google crawlers through its advanced tool (Google Search Console) which searches out 100% of all links on a given domain when it is crawled by them–you’ll be able to see everything!

Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are two metrics that the SEO gurus at Moz have developed to measure a page’s or site’s likelihood of ranking high in Google search results. The Page Rank score on a scale from 1-100 measures how likely it is for web pages or sites to rank well when someone searches online, with 100 being an elite searcher engine result. Similarly the Domain Rank metric also ranges between 1 – 99 which calculates website authority based on its link profile as opposed to rankings across all websites worldwide

High DA backlinks can boost your domain authority. The more authoritative your website is, the better chance it has of being ranked by search engines like Google and Bing!