Some people say November 11 is Singles’ Day. Others say 11/11 is the Shopping Festival. So what is November 11 actually? What is the origin and meaning? Let’s take a look at some interesting information below with Hai Trieu Watch!

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What is November 11

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What is November 11th?

11/11 originated in China, to be more precise at Nanjing University. In 1993, a group of students got together and held a “celebration” of their loneliness. Since then, this trend has spread beyond China and “turned” November 11 into a holiday for lonely people. Therefore, November 11 is also known as “Single Day”.

Watching: What is 11/11

The Fouetté watch is performing a dance of the same name called Fouetté, a very difficult dance where you have to stand on one leg and stretch your arms and legs at the same time. To perform, the dancer must practice non-stop just like the woman’s efforts – Photo: Fouetté OR-STAR

Owning 2 movements: accordingly, the statue of a dancer works thanks to an automatic mechanism, an in-house machine manufactured by Fouetté. The hands of the watch will be operated by quartz power from the quartz movement of Ronda Switzerland.

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88 Crystals: The product is studded with a total of 88 Swarovski crystals to increase the level of class and elegance. The skirt part alone is 12 pieces and the hem part will be 76 pieces.

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Mother-of-pearl dial: most Fouetté watches use mother-of-pearl dials. Mother-of-pearl is a material exploited from nature, with a beautiful gradient effect from every angle. This effect is unique.