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Heading 3 Example

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What is Facebook Business Manager (BM)? How to create a BM account with Fanpage

In the previous post, I explained about Facebook Ads along with the reasons why you should run Facebook ads. In this article, you will go into practice creating Facebook Business Manager (BM)

What is Facebook Business (BM)?

BM (Business Manager), also known as Business Manager is a tool to manage business on your Fanpage, including managing advertising accounts, creating and managing advertising campaigns.

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BM1, BM5, BM80,…BM2500 are the names of BM types that can create 1, 5, 80,…2500 ad accounts. The death of the Facebook Ads ad account makes the BM with a high number of accounts will have a higher value.

At Business Manager, you can manage the content on the fanpage, manage human resources. But the most important thing is still managing ad accounts & running ads along with “raising Pixel” – an asset that makes your ads more effective.

BM Tips

I see many new friends who do not have much experience in Facebook Ads or BM have flown in to “burn” money without issuing an application.

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I suggest you sign up for some of the high-quality online courses below (Stay at home & study without going anywhere).

Do not regret a few hundred thousand, if the ads run well, it will help you optimize, save a few hundred million to several billion.

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In this article, I will help you get started using Business Manager.