I see you often say Business Analyst is a bridge, helping to connect and communicate customer requirements with the programming team. In fact, understanding that is also correct, but it is very obscure and cannot escape the meaning of the BA profession.

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I thought so too before. I also think that Business Analyst jobs only exist in the IT industry. But in reality, BA is not a job title. And it’s not just a bridge that people often say.

What is Business Analyst and what does it do? In this article, I will share what I understand and apply in practice. Let’s gouuu.


1. What is Business Analyst2. What does Business Analyst do?

1. What is Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is here!

Specifically, the Business Analyst will be the one to do exactly the above process.

1.1. Business Analyst Concept

Be specific. From the problems that businesses are facing, businesses have a goal to solve these problems. Those goals are called Business Objectives.

From the Business Objectives, BA will work with Stakeholders to come up with specific Solutions. These Solutions must meet the requirements of the Stakeholders.

Then, BA and his associates will build and deploy that Solution for the business. This stage of implementation is called Transition. Will “turn” the current state of the business into the desired state in the future.

And now, the problems that businesses encountered have been solved.

Therefore, Business Analyst is a type of job, the person who does a series of the above will be called Business Analyst.

I think many of you still think in your head: BA must be able to speak business and programming languages. Understand both business concepts, as well as specific concepts in the IT industry, such as database, web service, API, cloud, bla bla…

So people still think: referring to BA is referring to “bridge” or “interpreter”. But like I said, that’s just a necessary condition of BA, not saying what this profession is and what to do.

And solution is not just a system, software or a certain technology solution. Which Solution can be anything. From changing policies and procedures in the business. Or simply re-training for your business.

As long as they can solve Business Objectives, they are all Solutions ????

1.2. Some examples

There is a company that wants to expand the market.

They need to better manage their customers and business opportunities. Instead of the current time, it’s all managed with excel. Then somewhere, a CRM system can help them better manage these things.

Business Objective here is to want to better manage customers and business opportunities. BA needs to realize this and provide the solution that is the application of the CRM system to the operating system of that company.

However, it’s not easy to eat grandma’s food :3

Business Objectives are not always so clear and simple. Most customers either don’t know what they want, or they want too much. Making Business Analyst work need more tools, to see, what is the real Business Objectives of the customer.

They say need A doesn’t mean they are lacking A. Or they say need A but actually need B.

Oops, it’s here.

Therefore, it is difficult to accurately detect their problems, and it is even harder to propose suitable solutions. So there is no such thing as a simple person… an interpreter ????

Another point is that it is not always a good idea to adopt a new system. And using Excel is also an old-fashioned way of working.

There are many large enterprises in Japan that operate a whole machine with only Excel sheets. Because they are “mature”, and they know what they need, and how much is enough for them.

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Excel is a wonderful tool with its endless possibilities. Even Bill Gates is not sure if he knows all the functions of Excel????

Tell this story, you will lose your soul.

Also in Japan, there was a man named Tatsuo Horiuchi. This man is an artist, but for some reason, he doesn’t draw on pen and paper or other graphic software like everyone else. And he drew with…..Excel.

He chose Excel as his solution to express his ideas. An unexpected solution.

Solutions everywhere. The possibilities are endless ????

1.3. Business Analyst appears in every corner of life

It’s really like crap. BA work exists in every corner of my life.

For example, one day when I came home from work, my car ran out of gas.

Obviously at that moment you want to: find a gas station >> fill up with gas >> keep going home.

Then your Business Objectives now will be: “the car is filled with gas to continue running home”, right.

There will be a lot of Solutions you can arise right away, like:

Walk to the nearest gas station. Call your friends to save you. Ask relatives on the road for help. Find an odd gas station. Or even park the car somewhere, catch Grab to the nearest gas station and buy a bag of gas to pour.

You will have to choose, see which is the most suitable Solution right now. And Does this solution meet the satisfaction level of the Stakeholders?

Stakeholders in this case could be:

My wife and children are at home waiting for dinner. Friends are waiting at the drinking table. Some coffee date in the evening. Or maybe I don’t depend on anyone, I’m my own Stakeholder.

You need to find a solution that best meets the needs of stakeholders right now.

Once you have a solution, you must implement the Transition process effectively. If you don’t want to spend too much time on this.

You can quickly take the car to a nearby gas station. Or you can relax and call your accomplices to save you. All of these are up to you. As long as the car is able to meet the goal of getting gas to run home, it is successful.

If you do the above jobs, then you have already done the job of a Business Analyst. Only difference is that it’s not the work version, but the real life version????

1.4. Business Analyst is not only in the IT industry

Out of the IT context, BA jobs still exist in other professions and fields.

The word “business” not only means business or profession, but also “problem”. When you watch American movies, there is a saying: “This is not your business!”.

Business is synonymous with matter.

Therefore, Business Analyst is broader than someone who analyzes and solves problems.

In Vietnam, the most obvious division is IT BA and BA. IT BA accounts for the majority, they work as Business Analysts in the IT industry.

But BA is not superman, BA will never come up with solutions without accomplices. Business Analysts will have to connect with many stakeholders to come up with the most suitable solution.

The most obvious value that a BA can bring is that they clearly see the current state of the organization, and systematize what needs to be done to achieve the “better” state of the organization.

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After that, the task of implementation is the whole team, the whole organization. And when everything is clear, the possibility of reality will be much higher.

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By the way, Stakeholder translates into Vietnamese as related parties. But translating like that does not follow the meaning very closely. For simplicity and accuracy, please understand: “stake” is the column, “holder” is the holder. Put together, Stakeholder is “The Holder of the Pillars”.

And columns are very important in any house. It supports the house. In the project, too, there are people who will play a very important decision role. These people are called Stakeholders.

Image of crows and stakeholders sitting and discussing…

Stakeholders are usually divided into the following main groups:

Project teamProject sponsorPerforming organizationPartnersClientAnd some other “objects”.

Working with stakeholders is a vast topic, so I will talk more about stakeholders in the following articles.

2. What does a Business Analyst do?

BA work is performed in many different roles. They also do the same as the first diagram.

From Business Objectives >> work with Stakeholders >> propose Solutions >> do Transition

But everyone will perform to a different degree.

According to BABOK ver3.0, IT Business Analyst work is performed by the following 6 roles.

Looking at the picture, you will be a bit confused about Quynh Huong lake, but rest assured, I will explain it more carefully below ????

2.1. Business Requirement Analyst

The first is Business Requirement Analyst. The person in charge of this role will usually be the one to come up with solutions at the beginning of working with the customer.

The solutions here are very diverse, be it: changing company policies, adjusting business processes or training for employees. Then there is a proposal to apply software, a system or a technology solution. Or apply many solutions together to solve problems that businesses face.

The person holding this role is usually a Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst or Principle Business Analyst. In general, it is usually the last boss to hold this role ????

This role appears most often during the Pre-Sales phase. Often PMs or experienced Business Analysts will be involved in this process.

They will take over the initial issues and requests of the business. Analyze a big picture and come up with the most suitable overview solution.

2.2. System Analyst

System Analyst is usually a role reserved for technical people. They have a lot of experience and are very knowledgeable about the system.

A System Analyst is usually an expert on a complex technical concept or method. Like blockchain for example. They are often involved in projects of high technical complexity.

There are often a number of projects related to data migration, bringing the system to the cloud, or system integration that will require a lot of System Analyst involvement.

The System Analyst will analyze the existing system, review the requirements, and design a new system architecture based on what is already in place.

2.3. Business System Analyst

This is the main and most dominant role of a BA. According to the project timeline, a person with the role of Business System Analyst will have the following main tasks:

Extracting and extracting information from Stakeholders about the functions and requirements of the project. It can be through email, face-to-face interview or system demo.

Do document. This is one of the very important jobs and skills of a BA. Document has many types, each type is specific to a Stakeholder. Because it is impossible to give the blueprint of the house to an electrician to assemble the electricity, right? Easy to say, hard to write. Writing so that others can see it is to understand that one is a skill that requires a lot of practice????

Communication. The BA must ensure that all Stakeholders have properly understood the issues. And a project has a lot of problems, and there is a lot of information to convey. If the BA has good communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills, the information in the project is transmitted smoothly and consistently.

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Squeeze your brain to think of a solution. Having a reputation as someone who solves problems without doing this job is a bit weird, isn’t it, guys. There are big problems, small problems. From working internally with the team to working with customers.

There will be hundreds of things that will require you to handle a lot. Facing the problem is not always convenient, but somehow it will help you think logically and harder.

Business System Analyst is the most common role for a business analyst (photo courtesy of Modern Analyst)

2.4. Functional Analyst

This role is similar to Business System Analyst. But instead of developing a new solution product from scratch (build from scratch), a Functional Analyst will build on an existing product or platform. From there configure or customize so that the product can be mapped to the customer’s requirements. Help solve problems that businesses face.

In the market, there are many big companies that provide products or available platforms such as: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Sharepoint, Salesforce, yes and cloud.

2.5. Agile Analyst

The person holding the Agile Analyst role will be responsible for ensuring that information is delivered in an accurate, timely and appropriate manner to the Stakeholders.

Ensure the right info, with the right level & at the right time.

In addition, Agile Analyst is an indispensable role in projects implementing Agile methods such as Scrum.

Delivering what has been committed to the customer is one of the extremely important factors in an Agile project. Hence Agile Analyst plays a very important role in such a project.

2.6. Service Request Analyst

Usually the BA will hold this role during the transition phase.

The person holding the Service Request Analyst role will be responsible for training end-users, conducting User Acceptance Test (UAT) sessions, handling errors if any, and possibly receiving new feature requests from the side. customer.

Business Analyst has 6 different roles, but not every person can take on only one role. It is a business analyst who has to take on many roles at the same time.

Usually, Business Requirement Analyst is a role for PM or BA with many years of experience. Almost a normal BA person takes on the rest of the roles. Those who have the Business System Analyst role will not have any. Functional Analyst role. And vice versa, people who do Functional Analyst will not do Business System Analyst. But other roles are still guaranteed.3. Ending

Business Analyst is an old profession in the world, but new in Vietnam (about 15 years).

Actually, I find this to be a very interesting and challenging profession. His strengths and weaknesses are rubbed a lot. Many problems are really very bananas, but when they are removed, they are very good.

BA shows up to solve the problem. The problem can be turning the bad into the good. Or turn what’s already good into something better.

Really the feeling of giving something meaningful to others is something that makes it hard for me to get discouraged.

Okayyyy, what I said above is general. If you want to have a deeper understanding of what the BA profession does, you can continue reading the series of articles about the daily work of a BA.

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What is Business Analyst and what does it do? Hopefully, through this article, you will have the answer and have a deeper insight into the BA profession.