In the process of developing a business strategy, have you ever wondered: Who are your customers? What is your personality like, what are your hobbies? How much do you understand about the customer?

If the answer is no, you should worry, because this is a very important aspect. According to a recent survey, up to 90% of large businesses have been building persona – customer portraits to understand their behavior and needs. 71% of them said that customer portraits help businesses grow revenue and achieve set business goals.

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So what is persona that is so important? Are there methods that can build customer portraits closest to the target audience that the business is targeting? Let’s find out with ThiCao through the article below.

What is Persona? Building Customer Portraits

1. Persona – What is a customer portrait? 2. Importance of Persona 3. Building Persona – Customer Portrait

A complete persona needs the following headings:

General information: Occupation, location, family (how many, married). Anthropological information: Gender, age group, median income, geographic location (urban or rural area).Personality – behavior: (What kind of person is he, who often receives/looks up information from). Objectives: (Personal goals in the long term and short term).

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Problems encountered with the product / problems encountered in life. Suggest what the product needs to improve / Wish a solution to overcome the problem in life.

You need to make sure your persona has a clearly identifiable name and photo. This makes it easier for information-receiving departments (such as Marketing and Sales departments) to remember information about this hypothetical customer portrait.

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Persona is a hypothetical model where businesses shape an ideal target customer portrait for themselves. The building of customer portraits is the premise for the company to determine the direction to develop marketing and sales campaigns in the future.

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Persona can be built through market research articles, targeting 3 main sample audiences: existing customers, non-purchasers, and other potential audiences. Businesses need to make sure the persona includes 6 main topics, and is delivered directly to the departmental objects that need it.