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Watching: What is Sharepoint?

SharePoint is a web application development platform that allows you to quickly build and develop applications in the areas of:

Collaboration, Portal, Search, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business process management (BPM) and Business intelligence (BI).

At the 2014 Microsoft SharePoint conference, Jared Spataro – General Manager, Microsoft Office – revealed that SharePoint has achieved double-digit quarterly growth over the past 18 quarters, reaching $1 billion faster than any other any other Microsoft product. Like that, we also get a feel for how impressive and useful SharePoint really is. Technically, SharePoint consists of 3 products SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.

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SharePoint Foundation provides the basics of content management and collaboration. SharePoint Server is a product developed by Microsoft itself on the SharePoint Foundation platform, operating on SharePoint Foundation and adding many functions.

Application development on SharePoint offers the following advantages:

One platform, one solution for many applications. Cut costs by relying on a unified technology platform. Save infrastructure costs, reduce operating costs, and train users by consolidating multiple applications on the same system. Faster application development, better response to business needs leads to better business and management efficiency.

Apps developed according to SharePoint standards will inherit the full power of SharePoint such as:

Portal technology, multilayer model. Service Oriented Architecture – SOA. Security capabilities. Integration with Active Directory. Server farm model. Ability to load balance and clustering. Ability to integrate with other applications.

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