A. What age are men and women born in 2017 and what color suits them?

What age is born in 2017, what color is born in 2017, how old is this year? width=”600″ height=”400″ /> Born in 2017 what age is it, what color is it, born in 2017, how old is this year?

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1 A. What age are men and women born in 2017, what color are they suitable for? 1.1 1. What is their fate (life) in 2017?1.2 2. What is their age when they were born in 2017?

1. Born in 2017 what destiny (life)?

For couples who are planning to have a baby in 2017, they always want to find out if this year is good for giving birth, or if the child’s age in 2017 is suitable for the couple’s destiny.

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Below, riclix.com has compiled information about both men and women in 2017. Accordingly, 2017 will be the year of the Rooster (chicken) who were born in 2017 all belong to the Fire par.

Men and women born in 2017 have the destiny of Hoa – Son Ha Hoa – Fire on the mountain

Mutual: Earth, Moc Contrasted: Metal, Water

The personality of Son Ha Hoa network 2017

How bright, useful, and sacred the fire is. There are many forms of matter used to describe the universe and life. People with different birthdays will have their own distinctive features.

The Fire element in yin and yang has six forms of matter, these six forms of matter also represent six common energies in nature and society. Son Ha Fire is also one of the 6 types of Fire energy.

Menh Son Ha Hoa is one of the six types of Fire energy mentioned above. Son means mountains, hills, Ha means low bottom, the foothills and foothills, Hoa means fire. Temporarily understood as the fire, the fire, the bonfire at the foot of the mountain. Why is there a fire at the foot of the mountain?

People belonging to the Fire par are characterized by being enthusiastic, flexible, and lucid

As we all know, the geography of China and Vietnam has many similarities, there are fertile delta plains, there are also mountains and hills. Agricultural activities in the highlands are mainly swidden cultivation. When burning fields, there is Son Dau Hoa.

However, going to work until lunchtime, they need to cook, eat and so they find a flat place, have a stream, have water to cook, so the bonfires at the foot of the mountain burn. Young children herding buffaloes, hunters, or travelers.

People belonging to the Fire par are characterized in their personalities as enthusiastic, flexible, lucid, resourceful but shocking, difficult to control emotions, quick to anger, not good at hiding their inner feelings, straightforward and outspoken.

If you are their friends, surely many times their straightforward advice makes you quite uncomfortable. You can even make them angry and cause a pretty big argument. After that, if there are still friends, everything will be settled well, everything will be ignored. Otherwise, it’s easy to become strangers.

Son Ha Hoa is a man-made fire. The energy source is not inexhaustible and sustainable like Tich Lich Hoa, Thien Thien Hoa (an endless form of energy in nature).

Because they need a regular source of fuel, they need to be encouraged in a timely and proper manner, if there is an achievement that needs to be praised, honored, damaged, it needs to be understood and shared, otherwise their strength will only continue. has the character of being enthusiastic in the moment, difficult to be sustained, first diligent, then slow, lazy, lack of patience. When you are a relative, or their manager, you should embrace this psychological trait that has two advantages and disadvantages.

Son Ha Hoa is a man-made fire. Sustainable non-infinite energy source

The flame is bright, radiant, warm but hollow, so Son Ha Hoa needs to avoid the disease of color, appearance, showiness, good publicity but naughty, empty, and lack of substance. Like the Secret hexagram of the I Ching, the precepts, decoration, and embellishment are necessary, but it is necessary to focus on the content, the essence…

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Son Ha Hoa likes a life close to nature, loves freedom, in the natural setting they often have special creations, promoting a strangely strong intellect.

Compared with Son Dau Hoa, Son Dau Hoa is powerful, luminescent, clean, paving the way, while Son Ha Hoa has practical properties in human needs, they are quite practical and appreciate the value of money. utility, mobility, flexibility.

Not only that, they are very eager to research, love to learn, study very well, are intelligent and lucid, often have high achievements and degrees.

2. What age was born in 2017?

People born in the year 2017 of the lunar calendar belong to the year of the Rooster, the Fire parity, the man of the Qin Dynasty, the woman of the Can Tho born at the beginning of the year, have good health, born at the end of the year of public and professional life, there are many advantages, but there are many conflicts. no longer depends on the fate of each person.

– Heavenly can: Dinh

Compatibility: NhamPicture: Tan, Quy

– Zodiac: Rooster

Three unions: Snake – Rooster – Ox Four elements of the impulse: Rat – Horse – Rabbit – Rooster What is the age of the Rooster born in 2017?

According to the culture of Asian countries, the chicken (Ding Dau) is the 9th animal in the 12 animals. Chicken is in the Fire cycle based on the theory of the five elements (Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire) in the astrological system and the Rooster is behind Snake (Snake), Horse (Horse). Snake, Horse.

Often people born in the year of the Rooster often feel unsafe. They always want to be loved and protected. And people born in the year of the Rooster are also easily drawn into troubles and complications. In matters of conflict, these people are quite shy in resolving them.

People born in the year of the Rooster are good. This person is somewhat bossy and lazy in all relationships. However, it is very difficult to have a conflict with this person because this person’s nature is quite gentle and considerate towards everyone around.

According to the culture of Asian countries, the chicken (Ding Dau) is the 9th animal in the 12 animals.

The Rooster’s leadership skills are quite good, and these people are often good inspirers: Roosters can overlook slight differences in their abilities thanks to their ability to see things through. from many different angles, while remaining steadfast in his own lofty goals.

Dinh Dau have become excellent leaders thanks to this quality plus creativity, talent and courage. Through their organization and work ethic, they inspire others. They know how to spot the factors that bring people closer together with their keen eyes.

Dinh Dau is witty, sharp, decisive and talented. They explore and challenge themselves by being adventurous and constantly searching for new lands. Thanks to his intelligence and rationality, the year of the Rooster is always successful.

The temperament of people born in the year of the Rooster is quite easy, both in work and in relationships they always rely on the situation to improvise and do not consider too carefully the details contained in it. Therefore, they also seize the good opportunities in life at the right time.

Roosters do not like to socialize with too many types of people because of their reserved personality and high expectations of others. The Fire element brings enthusiasm and initiative, helping Dinh Dau to open up and communicate more widely. Compared to the rest of the Rooster, Dinh Dau is easier to get along with and make friends with other people.

There is no doubting about the expertise and confident attitude of the Rooster, however, the Fire element can make them overconfident. Sometimes this zodiac sign can hurt friends and colleagues because of their domineering and lack of tact.

Because they are very conscious of their talents and intelligence, the Rooster Ding always believes that people need to follow their personality because they have the best personality.

The behavior of the year of the Rooster is also influenced by the Fire element. In style they are naturally sophisticated and attractive. More than all the other Roosters, the Fire Rooster pays much attention to his appearance.

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They spend a lot of time taking care of their appearance because they value it more than anything. Dinh Dau pays special attention to preserving his image in the public eye and is proud of his somewhat polished way of dressing.

3. What color is suitable for born in 2017

?Correct color:

Destiny colors: Red, orange, pink, purple belong to the Fire element. The color of the same birth: Green, banana green belong to the Wood element.

Taboo color

Black, navy blue, and blue belong to the element of Water.

Please watch the full version: WHAT COLOR MATCHING NETWORK WHAT IS THE BEST?

4. Born in 2017 what is the zodiac sign?

Male: Kham Thuy belongs to the East of the Four Fates. Female: Can Tho belongs to the West of the Four Fates

5. Born in 2017 which number matches

?Male numbers: 1, 6, 7 Females: 2, 5, 8, 9

6. Born in 2017 in which direction

?Male network

Direction: Southeast (Life Qi) – South (Phuc Duc) – East (Thien Y) – North (Fu Vi) Unsuitable direction: Southwest (Death Menh) – Northeast (Five Ghosts) – West (Hoa Ha) – Northwest (Luc Sat)

Female network

Suitable direction: Southwest (Life Qi) – West (Phuc Duc) – Northwest (Thien Y) – Northeast (Fu Vi) ) – East (Luc Sat)

7. What age is suitable for being born in 2017

?Male network:

Female network:

In business: Mau Tuat, Nham Dan, Giap Thin Choosing a husband and wife: Mau Tuat, Nham Dan, Giap Thin, and Binh Than Horse age: Canh Ty, Binh Ngo, Nham Ty, Giap Ngo

B. People born in 2017 Dinh Dau were born in a good month

?Rooster people are often their true self. There are not too many mysteries in the personality of this animal: they are not too deep, nor too complicated; rather, they are very open and straightforward.

Giving birth in 2017 in January: People born in the year of the Rooster born in the first period of spring usually have good health, are good at calculating things, good at communication, and have a full material life. The fate of babies born in January 2017: An active, intelligent, cautious but indecisive but mature thinker.

Career progressed despite having a handful of, harmonious family, fun, prestigious job. However, the market in life is inevitable. There will be unexpected incidents, so everyone needs to be careful.

Giving birth in 2017 in February: Born in Kinh Trap period is a benevolent, active person with a favorable life; on the way to business success. Fate Babies born in February 2017: Born in the Trap Kinh period, all fortunes are satisfied because dragons fly to the sky, have prestige, authority, and are respected by everyone. If given the opportunity, will do great karma.

Born in 2017 in February: Born in Kinh Trap period is a benevolent, active person

Born in 2017 in March: Born in Thanh Minh period, he is a very sensitive, intelligent, and flexible person. This person became famous early thanks to ancestral blessings, happy descendants, and prosperous life. The destiny of babies born in March 2017: A quiet, peaceful, intelligent, reliable and big-minded person. There are a number of people who are more noble than others, have achieved great merit, and passed high.

Born in 2017 Dinh Dau in April: Born in Lap Ha period, is a person with literary talent and commanding ability, with high morale. However, people are unpopular because of being arrogant, often facing danger in life, with little good and bad luck in the afterlife.

Babies born in April 2017 are people who have the talent to expand heaven and earth, have the will to move mountains and fill the sea, pacify the world, illustrious majesty, and defeat the North and the East. With God’s blessings, some meet the right time, so the family is prosperous.

Born in 2017 Dinh Dau in May: A calm and sociable person; the work is always not as expected despite the full material dug, hard work in the afterlife. If this person does not rise up on his own, but only thanks to the blessings of his ancestors, he will only have short-term success.

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Is it good to give birth in June 2017? People born in the year of the Rooster have little luck when they are born in Tieu Tri period, they are not favorable in everything, happy less, sad more; You will avoid disasters in life if you know how to keep yourself.

Being a person with a dilemma, a floating fortune, difficult to get rich, difficult career success. It takes time to be successful in your career.

Is it good to give birth in July 2017? Born in Lap Thu period, is a person who is sensitive, intelligent, decisive and has a will. You will have a high income and become rich if you know how to try to rise.

She will be a wise person if she is born in the Lap Thu period, boldly wiser than other people, and skilled in industry. It is difficult for small people to plot against these people, they have a number of fame and fortune.

Born in August 2017: A person who has the will to overcome hardships, is smart and agile. Successful career, complete fame and fortune, life is usually quite good. Babies born in August 2017 will be people with great will, affluence, courtesy, and outstanding talent. Numbers enjoy the blessings of heaven, travel the four seas. It will be very successful if you are a leader.

Born in September 2017: Children born in the Han Lo period are affluent, independent and have many advantages. The road to fame and fortune will be open, if you know how to rise up in life, you will be happy and blessed for the rest of your life.

Babies born in September 2017 are fair, decisive, gentle and caring people. Conspiracy to be satisfied thanks to the fate of heaven, favorable on the way of promotion, later rich and rich.

Giving birth in 2017 in October: People born in the year of the Rooster born in Lap Dong period often encounter many unhappy things in life despite their talents. You must rely on the help of others if you want to succeed.

If you give birth in Lap Dong period, you usually have a self-sufficient, meek personality, refuse to be aggressive despite having great talent, a person with a difficult number of successes in career.

Having a baby in 2017 in November: People born in Dai Tuyet period have a difficult destiny, reputation, and unstable career, have to self-advocate and face many disadvantages. People born in November 2017 have a lonely number, although they have strength, it is difficult to do but have no way to progress, have will but in vain.

Born in 2017 in December: Born in Tieu Han period, talent is often superior to people, but in career it is difficult to achieve success. This number has fortune, but its destiny is short, happiness is difficult to fully enjoy. Babies born in 2017 will not have good luck despite having high solstice. Success will be achieved, but not great, if you know how to promote your ability and patience.

People born in the year 2017 of the lunar calendar belong to the age of the Rooster, the Fire parity, the man of the house of Khin Thuy, the woman of the Can Tho born at the end of the year of fame and career, have many advantages, and those born at the beginning of the year have good health, depending on their destiny. of each person, whether there is a conflict or not.

Hopefully the following article compiled by riclix.com has successfully answered the questions of those who plan to have a baby in 2017, know what destiny, good or bad. Wishing those who are planning to have children in 2017 are successful and successful.

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After consulting, please share information about birth in 2017 and what age is so that everyone knows! Thank you all for reading this post.