People born in the year of Monkey are naturally studious and intelligent, they are not only careful and serious thinkers but also good at improvisation. These people socialize widely, attracting many good friends thanks to their gentle demeanor. For the year of the Monkey, family is extremely important, they always respect their parents, for their children, they love them wholeheartedly, and their spouses always respect them.

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Age of body armor 2004

Born in 2004 what age, what destiny, what life

?A person born in 2004 means the age of Giap Than, according to the five elements, it belongs to Thuy or Thuyen Thuy, meaning water with no clear origin, in Deeply aroused, this person’s thoughts are profound, and his actions are quite reclusive. The well is good, the water never dries up, so the people of Tuyen Trung Thuy are extremely respectful.

Male life born in 2004 belongs to the sign of KNOW, the element EARTH, monster number 5, star of the Five Emperors, belongs to the West four par.

Female life born in 2004 belongs to the zodiac of Kham, the element of water, monster number 1, star Nhat Bach, Dong four par

Born in 2004 is suitable for which age, with which age

?The people of Giap Than age are suitable for the following ages: Giap Than (same age), Binh Tuat, Dinh Suu. When Nham Ngo gets married or does business with these people, they often have a lot of luck, convenience, harmony, happiness, and good business.

– Age 2004 Giap Than does not match the ages: Canh Than, Quy Hoi, At Hoi, Mau Dan, and Giap Ngo. If you meet the above conflicting ages in business, you should not trade about money. Regarding love or marriage, it is not advisable to introduce relatives. Regarding the family, it is advisable to pray for a copy of the term for both years old and to depend on the annual term of each age that will be released.

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Which color does Giap Than age match

?– Female born in the year of Giap Than 2004 :

The girl born in 2004 belongs to the house of Kham, the element of Water, the number 1 monster, the star Nhat Bach, the Dong quartet.

+ Matching colors: White, Gray, and Gray colors to be Mutual. Choose Black, Sky Blue, Navy Blue colors to be Compatible. And with Red, Purple, and Pink colors to be incompatible (Water can conquer Fire)

+ Cavalry colors, to avoid: Yellow, Brown. Not recommended: Green.

– Men born in the year of Giap Than 2004:

Male born in 2004 belongs to the sign of KNOW, the element EARTH, monster number 5, star of the Five Emperors belongs to the West of the Four Fates,

+ Matching colors: Red, Purple, and Pink colors for Mutual Rebirth. Choose Yellow, Brown colors to be Compatible. With the colors Black, Blue, and Blue to be Contrasted (Earth conquers Water).

+ Cavalry colors, to be avoided: The colors Red, Purple, and Pink because the Destiny Palace representing these colors are engraved. The colors should not be used: Black, Sky Blue, Navy Blue.

Other things to know about the Year of the Monkey

– For men born in the year of Giap Than

About the life of a man born in the year of Giap Than 2004

Nam Giap Than has many ambitions in life. Often encountering contradictions in life, there are many ups and downs, many difficulties and challenges right from the beginning. From the age of 27 onwards, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your ambitions, and at the age of 34, you will have a solid career. The afterlife enjoys peace.

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About love

Love is not very lucky, there are many obstacles and difficulties that you need to overcome before you can find complete happiness for yourself. Based on the month of birth of the men born in the age of Giap Than, they will be divided into 3 specific cases as follows:

+ If you were born in two months: 8 and 12 of the lunar calendar, your life will be quite rough in terms of love, having to go through 3 changes to get real happiness.

+ Born in the months: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 of the lunar calendar, it’s not much better, it takes two changes in love fortune to have your happiness.

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However, for those born in the months: 6, 7 and 11 of the lunar calendar, they will have a happy and full married life, husband and wife can stay together for a lifetime without any change. .

About family religion and reputation

Fame is not easy to get, must go through many difficulties and challenges to reach success. From the age of 30, the reputation can be promoted.

At first, the family religion was not peaceful and harmonious, but on the contrary, there were many contradictions and frictions. From the age of 27 onwards, the new family religion was peaceful.

The career was completed quite late, it had to be past the age of 34 to be stable and generate a lot of money. Fortune is also relatively lucky, but the money comes out abnormally, so life is not very rich.

– For women born in the year of Giap Than 2004

About life

The life of a female in the age of Giap Than has quite a lot of changes, if she is determined to pursue it, her reputation will be high. The fortune and the middle fortune have many opportunities for luck in love, fortune, and good fortune to enjoy a peaceful and happy life.

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About love

According to horoscopes, the love life of the female Giap Than woman is not smooth, not according to their wishes, but brings a lot of pain, so in her heart often carries many worries and sorrows. Based on the month of birth, your love luck will be divided into the following 3 cases:

+ Giap Than was born in the months: 4, 9 and In the 12 lunar calendar, there will be 3 changes in love in life.

+ Born in the following months: 1, 2, 5 and 10 of the lunar calendar, life will have at least two changes in love and happiness.

If born in the months: 3, 6, 7, 8 and 11 of the lunar calendar, enjoy complete happiness without any change during life, husband and wife live life together.

About family religion and reputation

The family is quite good, enjoys peace, warmth, joy and happiness. Fame will be clear if there is determination and persistence to pursue, otherwise it is only average.

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From the age of 30 onwards, the career will gradually be completed and the fortune will also have a lot of luck, encounter many good things.

Above is an article that summarizes all the things you need to know about the year of Giap Than 2004. Before important decisions in life such as building a house, buying a car, buying furniture or getting married, you should consider carefully to good luck.