Answering the questions: People born in 1979 belong to what destiny (network)? What age was born in 1979? Born in 1979, what direction, what color, number and age?

1. What age are people born in 1979

?In Asian countries, including Vietnam, the name of the year is determined based on Can Chi. The 10 Cans are Giap, At, Binh, Dinh, Mau, Ky, Canh, Tan, Nham, Quy. 12 Chi is the 12 zodiac animals, namely Rat, Ox, Dan, Rabbit, Thin, Snake, Horse, Mui, Than, Rooster, Tuat and Pig. Combine 10 cans and 12 Chi together to get 60 combinations. People born in 1979 belonging to the year of the Goat are a combination of them.

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The period of the Earth element and the Earth element will help people born in the year of the Goat become more realistic, strengthening their stability in character. Therefore, people of the Goat year are usually reliable and obedient people. In work as well as in life, they always know how to plan in advance and set a strict discipline throughout the implementation process.

Optimism, independence, and prudence are common advantages in people born in 1979, however, they do not have confidence in themselves, so they often feel confused and afraid when faced with obstacles. face difficulties.

Like other Goats, the Goat loves material life, but they can meet their own living needs without being too dependent on others. For people of this age, family is always the most valuable asset and they always try to work hard for the people they love.

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Basic feng shui for people born in 1979

People born in 1979 fit what age

?– Male destiny:

+ In business: Quy Hoi, Canh Than and Giap Ty

+ Choosing a husband and wife: Quy Hoi, Canh Than, Giap Ty, Mau Ngo, Binh Dan and Dinh Ty. If you get married with the year of the Pig and Canh Than, it will be suitable for the fortune line, life becomes rich and happy. If you marry the people of the year of the Tiger and the Rat, it will help your career and reputation develop strongly. As for the year of the Snake and the Horse, your life will develop both in terms of fame and fortune. All the above ages have full moat.

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+ Horse age: Dinh Mao, Tan Dau, Mau Thin, Binh Thin, Quy Dau, At Dau.

– Female destiny:

+ In business: Quy Hoi, Canh Than, Giap Ty

+ Choosing a husband and wife: Quy Hoi, Canh Than, Binh Dan, Giap Ty, Mau Ngo and Dinh Ty.

+ Horse age: Dinh Mao, Tan Dau, Quy Dau, Mau Thin, Binh Thin and At Mao.

Who are people born in 1979 suitable for

?The number that suits both men and women of the Goat is 1, 3, 4.

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Through the above article, we have compiled for you the most basic and detailed information about people born in 1979 such as what age, destiny and life match. Therefore, you should choose the direction, color, age and number in order to receive a lot of fortune and luck in life.

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